I love to shop, go to races, go to the beach, hangout with my friends and family, go to wineries, ride our motorcycle, and and most of all enjoy life. I also enjoy watching the Arca Truck races.I often wished that I would have had the oportunity to have been a racer--I love to drive fast and sporty cars and trucks.
Desperate Housewives, Extreme Home Makeover, Dancing with the Stars, and Racing, especially Arca and Nascar--I was a big Rusty Wallace fan, and (still am) and now a Dale Earnhardt JR. and Ken Schrader fan. Ken Schrader is such an inspiration to the racing world!
Country and Rock--I'm really a country girl at heart.
About me:
I lived in Ohio all my life, and I grew up in Mineral Ridge,Ohio. I work for my fiance, Ash Hawkins, at Ashley's Auto Service in Salem, Ohio. I am starting my own business in designing ladies and girls racing apparel called " Circle Track Girl" in the spring of 2008. I was inspired by a friend, Dawn Mazi,(Supercharged Outlaws)whom I was talking with several weeks ago about the idea for woman's racing apparel at Arca Races and other circle track racing events, and Dawn is also designing my website. I am really excited about "Circle Track Girl" racing apparel and if all goes well you can visit my website this spring at I am also a big fan of the Arca Lincoln Welder Truck Series, and my fiance Ash Hawkins , is the driver of the #16 Truck that we own. We have met alot of wonderful driver's and their families and crew members and I am looking forward to 2008 and meeting more new truck teams. We also started our race team called A&K Racing this year, which stands for Ash and Kathy Racing, since we haven't any sponsers this year--if anyone is interested please hop aboard. I am also a spotter and cook for the #16 truck team and I make a pretty good margarita and we have a whole lotta fun. Racing is very important to Ash and I, and we plan to be very competitive this year, if we don't go broke first. (Ha-Ha ) I enjoy the simple things in life and my friends and family are very important to me. I am a people person, so I enjoy meeting new people and making new friends everywhere I go. Life is too short and we all need to live it to the fullest and never take anyone, nor anything, for granted.
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