Munter WeirYou just never know who's gunna show up in the ARCA garage. A few years back, it was recording artist/rock legend Alice Cooper, whose car just happened to win the ARCA race at Daytona. This year, it's longtime Grateful Dead rythym guitarist Bob Weir, who just happens to be ARCA driver Leilani Munter's brother-in-law. Weir, who is still active with the remaining Grateful Dead band members, is married to Leilani's sister Natascha Munter. They have two daughters. 

He grew up on the Peninsula south of San Francisco, and was glued to a guitar from the time he was 14. One of his earliest influences was a local folkie named Jorma Kaukonen. He first joined in with Jerry Garcia in 1964 to form "Mother McCree's Uptown Jug Champions," and then was a co-founder of the Warlocks, later the Grateful Dead. As the band grew, he became the co-lead-vocalist with Garcia, and wrote a number of important songs, including "The Other One," "Sugar Magnolia," "Playing in the Band," and "Throwing Stones."