Sitting here watching NASCAR RACE HUB and being bored. if you wanna chat ADD ME ON YAHOO my USER ID is dale_ejr2009champ - updated 2010-02-04 00:56:54 UTC
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I am 5' 8 and I have a average body with blue eyes and long red hair. I am one of the biggest Nascar fans in my county and like to go to the races any time i can. Anything else you wanna know about me just ask.....
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Playing the game NASCAR 09 on the PS2 in a great NO ASSIST RACING LEAGUE, Being on the computer chatting with friends, surfing the net, Hanging out with friends, going clubbing, go to the movies, Bowling, shooting pool, and anything outdoors like going to LIVE NASCAR & ARCA EVENTS.
dale, 3, days of thunder, Stroker Ace, SMOKEY & THE BANDIT, Top Gun, FAST AND FURIOUS MOVIE SERIES, Gone in 60 Seconds, ANYTHING WITH FAST CARS AND GREAT ACTION, I ALSO LOVE COMEDY MOVIES, and Mainly movies with Adam Sandler.
I think that the Arca Remax Series is one of the best racing divisions in the world and has some of the best racing period, My Favorite drivers would have to be Gabi DiCarlo, Ali Owens, Frank Kimmel, Ricky Carmichael when he races, I also like Brian Silas, and they are all great drivers and all show why they are who they are each and every week at the race track. I wish them all the best in the future and i hope to see them all at the KENTUCKY SPEEDWAY ON JULY 18TH 2009.
About me:
My name is Danny and I am 5'8 with long red hair, blue eyes. I like to actually get to know a girl and actually talk to them and show them respect and let them know that not all guys are the same. If you can't show women respect don't talk to them simple as that. add me on YIM- dale_ejr2009champ I like to think i am down to earth and very laid back, I like to meet new people when i get the chance, I treat everyone with RESPECT unless given a reason not to and even then its hard for me not to be nice, cause thats just who i am. I have never Drank Alcohol, Never smoked and never done drugs and i never plan on doing any of it for any reason what so ever. I have seen too many friends and family hurt or worse from these three things and i don't wanna have the same fate. I like to hangout with friends, go to the movies, bowling, shoot pool, go to concerts, play , Go clubbing sometimes but not much. I like pretty much anything outdoors except hunting. I like Rock n Roll and Heavy Metal mostly but will listen to anything with a good beat. For what kind of girl i look for, I want someone who is gonna like me for me and not try to change who i am, Someone who is loyal, respectful, honest and trustful. She has to have a good sense of humor and knows how to have fun and when the be serious. I mean if you can't laugh with the one you love or the one your dating then who can you really laugh with? If there is anything else at all tho that you would like to know just ask me i am a open book.
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