• Aaron B.

    Blog from a major fan!

    Hello, I noticed this blog area isn't used much, so I thought I would add this. I'm a blogger hoping to turn it into something bigger. I write about mostly NASCAR and ARCA, and other series' when I get the chance. I do this...Read more
  • nascarfan0719

    justion alison

    Justion and his car...Read more
  • Looking forward to see Swedish skills!

    Looking forward to see Swedish skills!

    Its an honour to follow this young Swedish gentlemen and we are all looking forward to share the moment when the GREAT US NASCAR gets their new favourite showing them a truly Swedish racing heart in action!! ...Read more
  • Jim S.

    scanner frequencies

    I will be attending the ARCA race at Kentucky Speedway on September, 20. Anyone know where I can get a list of the latest driver's and their radio frequencies> Thanks...Read more
  • racing rules?

    racing rules?

    I am confused about the outcome of the ARCA race at Springfield, Ill. on Sunday. I was in attendance. You can read about the controversy on the ARCARACING website. What I vividly remember is that Patrick Sheltra used the...Read more
  • mike a.

    live streaming

    do they really have race video here or did they just trick me into registering...Read more
  • racedaymike

    The cars have hit the track

    Practice today, qualifying Friday,weather permitting then a great Lucas 200 on Saturday. Enjoy! I know I will....Read more
  • racedaymike


    Now that the Super Bowl is over we can set our sites on 2/16.Always an exciting race!...Read more
  • patricia w

    wow really

    Went to a Arca race at the Pocono raceway ....Read more
  • Wes S.

    The Racing Review Tonight

    We have a great lineup tonight on the show....Read more
  • Doug H.

    Brandon Mac

    go get em kid. Brandon gave me my pro driver ride around Charlotte last year for 4 laps. What a fast kid....Read more
  • Kent Whitaker

    Article from Chattanoogan

    Due to heavy use of Night Time Cold Meds I had to use the material from ARCA almost word for word to get the story in on time. Just wanted to say that before someone yelled at me for plagerizm! And I did let the ARCA media...Read more