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figure 8 demolition derbies
i build nascar models from the 1983-1990 era, figure 8 and demolition derbies only if theyre sanctioned events, finished runner up in 2009, gasman, and jackman for James Hylton motorsports
the nhl network, SPEED, chiller network, national geographic channel, History channel, Discovery Channel, Deadliest Catch, Modern Marvels, hockey night in canada, and national hockey night on versus my favorite hockey team is colorado and who ever is playing against detroit
yea im a horror movie freak, collector of black and white dracula and werewolf movies preferrably bela lugosi, vincent price, and wes craven
zombie, slayer, manson, Steely Dan, bob seger, Jackson Browne, weeknights with alice cooper on the radio, George Strait, Chris LeDoux, kenney wayne shepperd, brooks n dunn, and pretty messed up music selections isnt it
About me:
i collect the 83-88 monte carlo ss, sofar i have 2 an 83 with 17,000 miles and an 88 areocoupe with 35,000 miles on it.
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