#6: Ruben Garcia, Jr., Toyota Camry, Max Siegel Inc., celebrates in Victory Lane.
NASCAR President Mike Helton congratulated Ruben Garcia Jr. in Victory Lane after Garcia won the Crosley Brands 125 at Dover International Speedway in the 2018 East season finale. (Nigel Kinrade Photography/NASCAR)

Toledo Presenting Sponsors Play Key Role In Racing

The ARCA Menards Series Toledo Twin 200s are both sponsored by Eau Claire, Wisconsin-based home improvement retailer Menards. Everyone that has followed motorsports over the course of the last three decades recognizes the familiar Menards logo and the bright neon yellow cars out on the racetrack.

But what about the weekend’s presenting sponsors?

Both races – Friday’s Menards.com 200 presented by SPxE and Saturday’s Menards 200 presented by Crosley Brands – are supported by companies that may not yet be familiar at first glance, but nonetheless have played a key role in the sport’s continuing evolution.


Sports Performance by Evaluation (SPxE) is a newcomer to the scene of data-driven in-depth sport analysis and evaluation. While the name may be completely unfamiliar at a glance, SPxE is the work of Billy Venturini, owner and operator of Venturini Motorsports, and a longtime competitor in the ARCA Menards Series garage.

Utilizing the Dartfish video analysis software, SPxE enables athletes and teams to study and analyze the finer points of their performance while in action. This allows for detailed feedback and suggestions to be given when breaking down moves that may otherwise have gone unnoticed in real time.

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Having used assets such as Dartfish in the past in order to gain more of a complete understanding of how on-track occurrences by drivers influence their final outcome in ARCA Menards Series races, Billy Venturini formed SPxE to in turn provide solutions to their clientele based on sophisticated data analysis and the experience Venturini has gained from decades of success.

DartFish Technology is currently being used by Venturini Motorsports, Joe Gibbs Racing, GMS Racing, DGR-Crosley, Chad Bryant Racing, and other top teams in the ARCA Menards Series.

SPxE services are not limited to just the realm of motorsports and can provide expert analysis and suggestions in nearly any discipline of sports.

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Crosley Brands

Crosley Brands has been a leader in the nostalgic electronics category for over thirty years, producing recognizable items such as phonograph turntables, AM/FM radios, and custom jukeboxes – all emblazoned with the familiar Crosley logo.

Based in Louisville, the Crosley brand started in 1921 with analog radios, and although the company has changed over the years, radios are still a major part of the Crosley Brands product line. From true analog devices to modern Bluetooth-enabled devices, there is a wide range of radios with styles ranging from modern to a classic retro look available at nearly every price point.

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Although the digital revolution allows everyone to carry their entire music catalog in the palm of their hand, there has been a growing resurgence in the popularity of analog music – records. Crosley produces a wide range of stylish record players and high-fidelity turntables to keep audiophiles deeply connected to their roots. Crosley offers a wide range of turntable options, from cost-effective entry-level products for to premium items for true vinyl enthusiasts.

Additionally, Crosley is the only manufacturer of the world’s only vinyl jukebox in production, the Vinyl Rocket.

Not only does Crosley Brands produce a wide range of consumer electronics, the company also produces a wide range of indoor and outdoor furniture, including patio furniture, bedroom furniture, and various other stylish pieces for virtually every room in your home.

Crosley Brands CEO Bo LeMastus is a former ARCA Menards Series driver and is a co-owner of DGR-Crosley Racing with former NASCAR Cup Series driver David Gilliland.

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