Cautions stay about the same in 2013

Cautions stay about the same in 2013

(TOLEDO, Ohio – Oct. 16, 2013) – In the span of a few weeks this summer, the ARCA Racing Series presented by Menards had a caution-free race – the first since at least 1981 – and went the last 131 laps at Madison Int’l Speedway caution free.

Kevin Reed, crew chief for the winning No. 15 of Kyle Benjamin at Madison, said the drivers were giving each other plenty of room throughout the race.

“Everyone did a really good job,” he said, in victory lane. “You usually leave a track like this angry at someone for something, but not today. The drivers were giving us plenty of room to pass and the guys were just racing hard.”

At Pocono Raceway a few weeks earlier, the entire race was caution free, a rare occurrence for any racing series.

“I do think the drivers are getting better and they are getting used to these bigger tracks,” said race winner Corey LaJoie at the time. “You don’t have as much of the young kids that are inexperienced. … But, I can’t explain a caution-free race.”

For the season, the ARCA Racing Series presented by Menards had 97 cautions during its 21-race season and those cautions lasted 554 laps. Roughly 20 percent of the 2,764 laps the series turned were spent under caution, down from 22 percent in 2012.

Overall, the average number of cautions increased slightly from 2012.

Ten-time series champion Frank Kimmel said the drivers in the series just keep getting better and better and that leads to better racing and fewer cautions.

“These cars are all so good and set up right and these drivers just race hard and know what they are doing,” Kimmel said. “You don’t get a lot of the silly cautions now.”

Here’s a look at the average number of cautions and yellow-flag laps in the ARCA Racing Series for the past four seasons:

YEAR                     AVG NO. OF CAUTIONS          LAPS

2013                       6.1                                            34.6

2012                       5.3                                            31.2

2011                       6.9                                            42.0

2010                       5.2                                            29.3