You Make the Call: What's ARCA's Best Look?

(TOLEDO, Ohio - February 22, 2012) - Forty-three cars started the Lucas Oil Slick Mist 200, and you have the chance to decide which one looked the best.

As ARCA engages more with the growing fan base via social media, you're invited to vote on the best-appearing paint scheme from Saturday's season opener at Daytona International Speedway. Perhaps you like a certain color or the way a number is shaped. Maybe patterns are your thing, or you might have an affinity toward a certain sponsor. With so many unique designs, you're bound to pick one above the rest.

Check out ARCA on Twitter at @ARCA_Racing, at Facebook under "ARCA Racing Series" or, or at ARCA Nation. A photo gallery featuring all 43 cars is available on ARCA Nation, and you can vote there, on Twitter, or on Facebook.

When voting, send a Tweet to @ARCA_Racing, or use the Comments section on ARCA Nation or Facebook.

Rank your top three schemes in order (Example: 1. 44 - Kimmel, 2. 18 - Coffey, 3. 11 - Clifton), and we'll tally the votes across all platforms to select a winner.

We want to hear you. Show your support for your favorite drivers and teams today!

Vote: Daytona car-by-car photo gallery on ARCA Nation