New Equipment from Keeps Scales Ready

New Equipment from Keeps Scales Ready

In 2012 - ARCA's 60th Anniversary Season - the partnership extends even further, as Ricky Sanders and his growing company are back with a new piece of equipment to help ARCA stay at the forefront.

This season's offering is designed to hold scale equipment, important for the race-by-race inspection process.

Sanders, a former racer himself, understands the need for ease when transporting equipment, and there's no question that plenty of heavy equipment is necessary to properly officiate any of the season's 20 races.

"Everything loads in from one side," Sanders said. "There arepitbox20122.jpg some shelves and racks behind the two platforms, and the long ramps load in the lower rear door. (The box) is long and heavy...but it is still fairly easy for a couple guys to move, about the same as pushing the race cars around."

The box is custom-built around the scales, making all processes more efficient than in the past.

Strength is a key component of a Ricky Sanders Racing, Inc. and pit box, and when it comes to carrying equipment for ARCA and the ARCA Safety Initiative, the new box fits the bill.

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To read more about the relationship between ARCA and in a story titled ", Safety Initiative Work in Tandem," click here, a division of Ricky Sanders Racing, Inc., partners with and contributes to the ARCA Safety Initiative.

February 14, 2012