Students Learn About ARCA Safety Initiative

Students Learn About ARCA Safety Initiative

Representatives from the ARCA Safety Initiative, in partnership with Bedford Public Schools, appeared at Monroe Road Elementary School for the 15th Annual Bedford Public Schools Safety Vehicle Expo.

The event, open to all second and third grade students from Monroe Road Elementary, Jackman Road Elementary, Temperance Road Elementary, and Douglas Road Elementary, gave the Safety Initiative's Jaymee Beard and Beverly Podbielniak a platform to showcase the ever-evolving pursuit of safety in ARCA's 60th Anniversary Season.

After arriving at one of ARCA's two transporters while rotating fromarcasafetyinitiative.jpg station to station in the school's parking lot, students first saw a simulated race car cockpit, featuring a full racing seat and steering wheel. Students first marveled at the tight quarters inside the seat area, and Beard explained to students the way the steering wheel must be removed before a driver enters the car. Having never seen, say, their school bus drivers remove steering wheels on the way to school, students found that interesting.

Beard then highlighted the way the seat's construction restricts movement, therefore keeping drivers stable in the event of contact on the race track.

The students learned about the special fire-retardant clothing worn by members of the ARCA Safety Initiative while on track to review incidents. Beard had her helmet and a pair of red fire-safe pants on hand, again piquing the students' interest.

Nearby was the Dodge Ram - provided by Toledo's Grogan's Townemonrdsafety124.jpg Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram - that currently serves as ARCA's official chase truck. The truck is among the first vehicles to arrive on track after an incident, and the Safety Initiative workers inside are able to assist at-track authorities in assessing a dangerous situation. Explaining that to the children allowed them to realize that stock car racing is far more than just a group of fast cars moving in circles.

After the safety explanation was complete, the children had the chance to escape the heat for a few minutes, as they received a tour of the ARCA hauler which houses tools, equipment and ARCA's communications, marketing, and photography staffs on race weekends.

Public safety entities that also appeared at the Expo with safety-related vehicles included the Michigan State Police, the United States Coast Guard, the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, and the Bedford Township Fire Department, among others.

May 14, 2012 

Randy B.

Reed College students created a website for racing events. They also joined the Australian racing community for international sports events.