Keeping ARCA "Kleen": Safety-Kleen, SpeedZorb Important to Safety Initiatve

Keeping ARCA "Kleen": Safety-Kleen, SpeedZorb Important to Safety Initiatve

Safety-Kleen is a participating sponsor in the ARCA Safety Initiative, and the company's influence in ARCA is most recognized in one of its leading products, Safety-Kleen SpeedZorb Oil Absorbent.

SpeedZorb is an oil and fluid absorbent that quickly absorbs many times its weight in fluid for quick and safe disposal. Fluid on the racing surface can be hazardous for competitors, creating slippery conditions, so ARCA's safety team quickly springs into action with Safety-Kleen products and spreading equipment on hand when an incident calls for fluid removal and track cleaning.

SpeedZorb is an off-white powder, a granular product with no odor, according to its official material safety data sheet and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Of course, a powdery substance on the race track could be another hazard, both as a visual block to drivers and as an inhalation concern. However, SpeedZorb does not contain crystalline silica or amorphous diatomaceous earth, chemicals that could act as human lung carcinogens when kicked up by speeding cars after the drop of the green flag.

Breathing crystalline silica dust can cause silicosis, which in severe cases can be disabling, or even fatal. When crystalline dust enters the human body, it attacks the lungs and causes the formation of scar tissue, which ultimately reduces a person's oxygen-accepting ability. There is no cure for silicosis, making SpeedZorb's impressive safety rating even more important.

When SpeedZorb is placed on the track and ARCA Racing Series competitors drive over the powder, clouds of dust are common - as was seen, in one notable instance, at Winchester Speedway this June. Small white clouds appeared lap after lap between the first and second turns. However, SpeedZorb is not considered hazardous according to OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard, 29 CFR 1910.1200. Though its placement on a race track creates what would seem to be a hazard, the product's effects are negligible.

Safety-Kleen supplies SpeedZorb to the short tracks on the ARCA Racing Series schedule, as many speedways where ARCA runs conjunction races with NASCAR events have contracts in place with Safety-Kleen suppliers. In addition to the 19 races on the 2011 ARCA Racing Series schedule, all events at Toledo Speedway and Flat Rock Speedway - ARCA's two signature short track properties - are stocked with SpeedZorb to ensure safe conditions for all classes.

Along with Safety-Kleen director of motorsports Drew Patey and local branch manager Anthony Moore, the company's personnel are willing to go above and beyond in assisting ARCA's properties in safety efforts. A recent major event at Toledo Speedway found ARCA safety officials short of SpeedZorb supply just two days before the green flag.

Jaymee Beard of the ARCA Safety Initiative called a contact at Safety-Kleen, who then arranged for Michigan International Speedway - just an hour's drive northwest - to make some product available for pick-up, ensuring safe conditions at Toledo.

This December, Safety-Kleen will serve as a presenting sponsor for the third annual International Motorsports Industry Show (IMIS) Safety & Technical Conference. The conference, which takes place December 7 and 8 in Indianapolis, will allow the leading provider of environmental services to join other safety providers in a setting attended annually by ARCA officials, who visit to learn more about making races safer.

The IMIS Safety & Technical Conference presented by Safety-Kleen has become a cornerstone event for IMIS and will kick off the three-day trade show featuring seminars, conferences and more than 650 exhibitors showcasing the latest and greatest in racing parts and technology.

"Safety-Kleen has a long heritage in motorsports," said Chris Paulsen, owner of C&R Racing. "It's a tremendous fit for Safety-Kleen to sponsor the third annual IMIS Safety & Technical Conference. Safety-Kleen is globally respected and it's done so much to make motorsports safer and more environmentally friendly. The last two years, the IMIS Safety & Technical Conference has become a ‘must-attend' event for everyone associated with motorsports, and having Safety-Kleen as a presenting sponsor enhances the event even further."

In addition to its work with ARCA, Safety-Kleen is the Official Trackside Environmental Service Provider for NASCAR, INDYCAR, and the NHRA. For years, the company has collected and recycled used motor oil, filters and brake and transmission fluids in full compliance with the toughest environmental regulations, and helped make automobile racing "green," long before "green" initiatives became expected.

"Being involved in the motorsports industry has been very successful for Safety-Kleen," said Curt Knapp, Chief Marketing Officer of Safety-Kleen. "We are excited to...continue to grow our relationship with the industry and help lead the way as the sport continues to make significant headway in going 'green.'"

More information about Safety-Kleen and its impact on ARCA and the ARCA Racing Series presented by Menards is available at

Safety-Kleen partners with and contributes to the ARCA Safety Initiative.

September 25, 2011