Season in Review Spotlight: Grant Enfinger

Season in Review Spotlight: Grant Enfinger

(TOLEDO, Ohio - October 23, 2010) - To be in "the middle" of the pursuit for a win or a championship in an athletic pursuit is often a positive. At Talladega Superspeedway in April, the middle was the last place Grant Enfinger wanted to be.

Having led 42 laps in the Talladega ARCA 250, the Fairhope, Ala. native appeared ready to drive his No. 09 Ford to his first victory in ARCA Racing Series presented by RE/MAX and Menards competition - and in his home state, no less.

Enfinger held the inside line in front of Steve Arpin at the white flag, but ceded control of the low line to Tom Hessert when attempting to block Arpin, who tried to pass to the right on the backstretch.

Meanwhile, Patrick Sheltra gave Dakoda Armstrong a heavy push on the outside, and Armstrong drove away through the third and fourth turns and on to the win. Enfinger finished sixth, a victim of two freight trains passing him by.

Nonetheless, the part-time driver would bounce back later in 2010, notching third-place finishes at Iowa Speedway in July and Chicagoland Speedway in August, matching the same result at Texas earlier in April. Those finishes were three of five third-place results in Enfinger's career. In all, Enfinger has finished in the top three in seven of his 18 career starts, proving that when he shows, he makes it count.

Enfinger, 25, discussed some of the seven starts in his 2010 season, and spoke about what he expects to come in the future.

What was your best moment of 2010?

"I'd say Iowa, where we went and struggled the entire day during practice and really, for about a 20th-place car just threw some stuff there and pulled out a third place. We weren't good when we got there. We'd been used to unloading and being good in practice, maybe mediocre in qualifying, but racing really good, and this wasn't one of those times. We unloaded and we were just horrible. We had to thrash and work our butts off to just get in the ballpark. We threw some stuff at it that was more or less a crutch, and it was probably the hardest car to drive the whole season, and we ended up working our way up and finishing third. I was proud of the effort and that nobody gave up on that deal."enfingercarshotchico.jpg

Say you could go back in time and change something from your 2010 season. What would that be?

"Talladega, I probably would have guarded the bottom on the last lap. I was watching my mirror, and driving with my mirror, and saw that everybody moved up. That'd probably be the only thing, but I don't really think I could have done anything differently. We ran seven times, and five times we were in the top 10 and the other two times we broke. Maybe I need to do some better (mechanical) preparation myself, because I take responsibility for that. The two part failures we had, those were my doing at the shop."

What are your plans for the 2010-11 offseason?

"I work with some Late Model guys out of Mississippi. We actually sold the Late Model I had, and I've got to get it ready for the race at the Snowball Derby (in Pensacola, December 1-5), and then I'm going to race somebody else's car at the Snowball Derby. The biggest thing is trying to keep the lights on at the shop, and keeping everything progressing forward to put something together for the 2011 ARCA season."

What's the outlook for 2011 for you in the ARCA Racing Series?

"I don't know for sure. Beasley-Allen has my primary sponsor, and we have to see if they're coming back. We'll have all of the cars in good condition, so we'll see. We don't expect to have anything final for the next month or two."