Safety Solutions Extends ARCA Hardcore Motorsports Safety Initiative Support

As part of their support, Safety Solutions will once again participate in a number of educational seminars for competitors in the ARCA sanctioning body, providing current information regarding head and neck restraint systems and additional personal driver safety equipment. Dates and times for the seminars will be announced in the near future. In addition, Ashline plans to be present at several ARCA Sanctioned events, including the ARCA RE/MAX Series, the ARCA Lincoln Welders Series, and Toledo (OH) Speedway and Flat Rock (MI) Speedway, both ARCA Sanctioned short tracks.

Safety Solutions, Inc., a privately-held corporation in Mooresville, NC, produces technologically-enhanced head and neck restraint systems, as well as driver netting, race seats and numerous other safety accessories for the racing industry.

The developer of the Hutchens Device, Ashline has developed visionary safety products like the R3, the Hutchens II and the recently NASCAR approved Hutchens Hybrid, all SFI 38.1 rated and tested at 70 G's. The automotive industry's performance standards tests are performed with impacts on automobile safety devices at 30 G's.

"The R3, the Hutchens II and he Hybrid are the latest racing technology in head and neck restraint systems," said Ashline. "We were able to apply what we've learned to develop a comfortable device that will protect the professional race driver without standing in the way of the racer's ability to race. Our commitment to improving driver safety is shown by our continuing evolution of all of our products and having 3 of the five SFI 38.1 certified head and neck restraints."

Years of research and hundreds of sled tests, in both the professional racing industry as well as the automotive industry, have positioned Ashline and his company as an industry leader in the production of safety products, expanding his line well past head and neck restraints.

"We have added new, top-performing devices over the years. With the competitive nature of racing, drivers cannot afford to risk injury," said Ashline, "After literally hundreds of sled tests, we learned what it really takes to keep a driver safe in a single or multiple impact crash from all angles of impact. There is a lot to be learned from the crashes in racing, so we applied the data along with sled test results to develop the new devices."

The Hardcore Motorsports ARCA Safety Initiative was publicly introduced during the 2005 ARCA RE/MAX Series National Awards Banquet last December. The project has been designed as a vertically integrated safety program within the ARCA Sanctioning Body, focusing on education and information as well as prevailing safety measures and projects.

Hardcore Motorsports, a high-performance retailer and title sponsor of the ARCA Safety Initiative, is a dealer for Safety Solutions through their Brighton, MI facility.