Hardcore Motorsports ARCA Safety Team Travels to Iowa

Hardcore Motorsports ARCA Safety Team Travels to Iowa

"It was a very effective way to share information and interact with the track's safety team regarding all aspects of safety, fire and rescue. The more we communicate with track safety teams, and learn from each other, the more effective we'll all be when we work together on race weekends."

safetyiowaextricate.jpgIn addition to Williams, instructors included Kentucky Speedway Safety Director Charles Williams and Chicagoland Speedway Care Center Manager Linda Ptack.

Under cold and windy conditions, Iowa Speedway team members participated in a variety of potential emergency situations, including windshield removal, fire suppression, rollovers, extrication of drivers and much more.

"We did everything from putting out fires to cutting roofs off cars for extrication," added Williams.

In addition to the hands-on experience on Sunday, several tabletop discussions took place in a classroom type situation Saturday allowing the free-flow of information and opportunities to work with different team members.safetyiowafire.jpg

"The class was very beneficial because the focus was on hands-on experience," said Gale Nungesser, Director of Operations at Iowa Speedway. "Learning what we can from textbooks is always a great idea, and to be able to apply what we learn from the books to real-life scenarios was beneficial to all.

"The experience allowed us to work and think together as a team. Since the class ended on Sunday, we've already received several phone calls asking if we could do this again next year."