Chase Miller Looking for Win No. 2 at Milwaukee

DENVER NC (8-23-06)--Having a stellar track record amongst venues that he has never been to before, Chase Miller isn’t fazed going into Milwaukee as a first time visitor.

The Milwaukee Mile, being a difficult track to master and one that has baffled many a veteran driver, has very little effect, if any at all, on Chase’s confidence this weekend.  “I feel really good about the race in Milwaukee.  I haven’t been there before but I had not been to Pocono either and we won the race.  We have a pretty good record with unfamiliar tracks and I see no reason why we can’t go to Milwaukee and win it too,” said a highly optimistic Miller. 

Milwaukee is the oldest continually operating motor speedway in the world.  The track takes pride in its rich history with events dating back to 1903. Milwaukee’s one-mile flat oval has stumped several racing regulars as to what is the best way to maneuver their cars and manage the handling.  There is a fine line where handling is concerned here and going too far one way or too far the other makes for a difficult day out on the track.  Keeping that in mind, the No. 4 Cunningham Motorsports Dodge Charger team has logged countless hours fine tuning the car to find just the right balance for Chase this weekend. Chase mentioned, “Of those that I have spoken with about the track, I was told to expect turn 3 of Pocono all the way around.”  If there is any track that Miller knows how to get around, Pocono is it.  This could be foreshadowing of another win for Chase Miller and the No. 4 Cunningham Motorsports Dodge Charger team.  

The team is in good spirits and riding on the momentum from consistently solid runs and finishes over the past several weeks.  Each week the Cunningham crew puts cars under their drivers that race amongst the best in the field and often times are the best of the field.  This weekend will be no different and Chase Miller is looking forward to running up front. Chase added, “I am very optimistic about our chances for another win this weekend.  As usual, Wayne Carroll and the guys have given me another great car to race with.”

Indications of impending success are evident amongst the driver and team this weekend.  The Cunningham Motorsports Dodge Charger team, along with Chase Miller, are looking to enrich history at the Milwaukee Mile a little more by adding another win to the record books.

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ARCA RE/MAX Series competition gets underway this weekend in the Governor’s 200 at Milwaukee Mile on Sunday, August 27. Unfortunately, this event will not be televised.

Tonya Raynor
Public Relations/Mktg Assistant
Mountain Empire Sports Marketing Group