Hardcore Motorsports ARCA Safety Initiative Builds Momentum With New Safety Truck & Trailer

Hardcore Motorsports ARCA Safety Initiative Builds Momentum With New Safety Truck & Trailer

"Safety is, and always has been, the primary focus of our competition department,” said Ron Drager, ARCA President. “In addition to our affiliation with SFI, we’re also ramping up the way we administer safety procedures on the road and at the track.”  

ARCA’s membership in SFI and the new safety truck and trailer are the first of many actions expected as part of the recently announced Hardcore Motorsports ARCA Safety Initiative. 

safety1.jpgThe new safety truck, a new Dodge Ram Power Wagon, pulls the new Featherlite trailer, which serves as keeper of the safety equipment and supplies. 

“We have everything we need in our trailer to perform at the highest levels of today’s safety standards,” said ARCA Safety Director Marc Williams. 

“We work with each track to ensure the very best possible situations in terms of meeting the necessary safety standards, but, if necessary, we come to the track, as the sanction, ready and able to do whatever we need to do in any situation regarding safety.” 

In addition to two full sets of Amkus Rescue Systems Tools used specifically to cut steel during driver extrication if necessary, the safety trailer holds an oil dry spreader, all the officials’ fire suits and helmets, emergency light bars for emergency vehicles, cutting torches, extra fire extinguishers, brooms, blowers and shovels for clean-up, First Aid supplies as well as all the office material it takes to administer safety procedures on the road. Among the office supplies would also be driver physicals required for each and every driver.  

Another key component in the safety trailer is a driver’s cage training kart. The driver’s cage offers up a clear view of the driver’s cockpit minus the sheet metal. Officials can demonstrate, from the kart, how to properly secure the driver with all the latest safety restraining devices to include belts, ‘Head and Neck’ restraints and more. The kart, which includes all the surrounding chassis bars and cage components, could also be used in demonstrating driver extrication when cutting steel becomes necessary.  

An overall primary objective of the new Hardcore Motorsports ARCA Safety Initiative will involve information and education, as series officials and supporting entities are planning various seminars and instructional conferences during the course of the year. SFI officials are expected to attend select ARCA events over the course of the season, to participate in this process. 

The Hardcore Motorsports ARCA Safety Initiative debuted at Daytona International Speedway, where the program was formally introduced under competitive circumstances during the 43rd running of the Daytona ARCA 200.