ARCA Announces New Engine Package Option for 2015

ARCA Announces New Engine Package Option for 2015

(LONG POND, Pa. – Aug. 1, 2014) -- Automobile Racing Club of America President Ron Drager announced today that the ARCA Racing Series presented by Menards will introduce a progressive and innovative engine package option for use in competition beginning in 2015.

“I am pleased to announce today the conclusion to a long and extensive search to find the right strategic partner to help us address the challenges of rising costs in our series,” stated Drager. “It is my pleasure to announce that Ilmor Engineering has partnered with us to develop the ARCA Ilmor 396, engine technology which provides a long term, stable platform delivering an economical and competitive option to our existing engine configurations.”

The ARCA Ilmor 396 engine will be a purpose-built powerplant, developed and assembled by legendary engine builder Ilmor Engineering. The ARCA Ilmor 396 will deliver 700 horsepower and 500 ft. lbs. of torque, with durability and performance standards.

“We’ve partnered with ARCA to construct a durable, reliable engine capable of running 1500 miles between re-builds,” affirmed Paul Ray, President of Ilmor Engineering.

“The teams will be able to use the same ARCA Ilmor 396 at short tracks or a superspeedway, a road course or the mile dirt tracks. We have begun to conduct extensive testing, and our plan calls for the first engines to be available for purchase by the teams by early December,” Ray concluded.

The ARCA Ilmor 396 will be fuel injected, with Holley EFI technology regulating the Electronic Control Unit and the fuel injection system.

“Holley carburetors have powered ARCA racers over two million miles in the last two decades alone, so it is a natural transition for Holley fuel injection to deliver the fuel on the ARCA Ilmor 396,” said Drager. 

“We’re proud to add ARCA and Ilmor to the growing list of sanctioning bodies, OEMs and professional level engine builders using Holley EFI electronics and hardware on their race engines,” said Trevor Wiggins, Holley VP of Sales.  “Our EFI engineering and tech groups are gearing up to assure this transition is seamless.”

ARCA Racing Series presented by Menards teams will have the option of utilizing the new ARCA Ilmor 396 beginning in 2015, or can continue to use the open motor rules package currently in place.

“We have identified and are addressing the financial challenges of racing competitively faced by many ARCA teams,” Drager said. “Our responsibility as the sanctioning body is to manage the bigger picture business model for all our stakeholders. The ARCA Ilmor 396 is the best engine option we can introduce for the long-term health of our series,” Drager said.

About ARCA

For more than 60 years the ARCA Racing Series presented by Menards has offered race fans a diverse brand of stock car racing on short tracks, dirt tracks, road courses and superspeedways. Founded by John and Mildred Marcum, the ARCA Racing Series is a destination for professional race drivers and a developmental series which transitions and prepares drivers for the advancement of their careers into the highest levels of the sport.

About Ilmor

Ilmor Engineering is best known for its success in high performance engineering and motorsports. In addition to ongoing advancements in racing technologies, the company also supplies products to the marine industry and provides engineering consultancy services to major automotive OEMs. The Ilmor family of companies employs over 150 personnel worldwide at facilities in Michigan, North Carolina and the United Kingdom. For more information about Ilmor and its products and services, visit

About Holley

Holley was founded in 1903 around the advent of the automobile and has been a supplier to every major American OEM automobile manufacturer. Holley supplied half of the fuel systems in WWII including those for land vehicles, marine and aircraft. Its primary focus today is in the high performance aftermarket where its world famous carburetion has won more races than all others combined. Holley is proactive in developing EFI systems for street users and professional racers alike. Holley manufactures products under the famous brand names of Holley, Hooker Headers, Flowtech exhaust, Earl's Plumbing, NOS Nitrous Oxide Systems and Weiand intakes and superchargers.

Tom  H.

Another GM takeover of a racing series. Nothing new here. Why not make them all run GM bodys so everyong watching knows.

george l.

This is a sad day for arca. I found out that the ilmor engine is a chevy and will be used in all makes. There goes pulling for a brand of car. I won't watch a all chevy powered field run. d.

Hello all.  I have been a long-time ARCA Fan (since 1992).  I was curious regarding what types of budgets the top teams are working with these days?  I remember someone telling me in the late nineties/early two-thousands that some of the top ARCA teams were working within a $1M budget.  Is this stil the case?


You said it Michael, buying outdated motors that will be most likely not legal 2016, that's not money well spent.Sorry, I couldn't disagree more, we as a small team currenty, as do you, have a pipeline supply of parts available from a number of suppliers. And we can go to our own engine builder to put them together locally, I just can't agree this is a good solution, maybe go to spec parts, or something of that direction, spec heads might be a better move. But we all should have input on our future in racing.

Michael Peterson

The small teams will find a way.  We can run what I assume will be very detuned(non-competive) version of the outdated motors we currently own, and likely buy some off the big team's soon to be outdated motors for use in 2015. By 2016, there will be a surplus of used Ilmor 396, from big teams, that are still running. Rebuilt motors with 1500 miles and 60 high heat cycles probably will not be as good as a fresh motor. So supply and demand will fix the value of the used motors. 

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