Arca need's to look at the car count before they made this package deal the smaller team's will fold and the car count will still be hurt

they really need to look at the past and see where they have been and where they can go back to and draw the car count up

and get more teams on board for more up and coming drivers. Arca needs to do what thet do best and that is to put on a bigger show and

go back to it grass roots.That made this series the primary series, that it can be and what it was back in the day thay can go to the new body and an engine package deal

just as long as the smaller teams have a break to catch up and not behind the eight ball when the season comes around at daytona for the test. i would like to see if

a full field next year at all tracks but somthing got to give for smaller teams or there will not be an arca series any more. bigger teams need to help out smaller teams or

smaller teams need to look at the nascar teams for help. 



Oh yeah.... I forgot, Thanks for putting my long time ARCA supporting engine builder from my home town out fo business. 


This does not address cost, in fact, many of the smaller teams will disapear. Most of them don't have 35,000 in there entire race team operations. How can they afford to buy and keep one of these engines in tip top shape, especially when you know teams like Kimmel, Venturini,aand many more,  are going to show up at any race with a used motor? Think again, there are many ways to move the series forward, and make it more desirable fo teams to come and race,this I don't believe is one of them, You want cars to show up for a race, pay out more ;purse. Then some of the teams may have some money to buy and engine. ARCA is not the only venue who's car count is down, been watching NASCAR? 


Not in favor of spec engines.  Don't want to see a Dodge on track with a spec engine that is a Chevy block.  A Dodge should be a Dodge!

Everett Lintz

whats next... the announcement of the SPEC body NASCAR West and East Series uses?  Wait, that was already mentioned before.  Find the first generation of the Nascar Nationwide Series COT and use that.....