Robert T.

Any idea how we can receive this service in UK? Not been available on regular channels for some years now.$30 sounds a lot for one event? Never paid for one event before.

Now you tell us. Now I have to drive 300 miles, fight that BAD Nashville traffic. Throwing a ringer (SSS) is one I really want to see in person.  I have had my tickets for 60 days, as well as ARCA tickets at Salem. Will be following you by TV in the future until you get back in Southern Indiana and Kentucky.


Joshua B.

I don't mind paying that. Especially if the  Super Late Models are going to be there too! Go Grant Enfinger and Bubba Pollard!

Tim C.

I myself am not a wealthy man, but I will be happy to pay $29.95 for any ARCA race on pay per view that I can't get on one of my DirectTV channels. That is unless me and my cousins decide to make the four hour trip to Nashville to watch the race in person. I'm glad to see that ARCA is finally doing this. I would like to see it happen at all of their races that aren't televised. Of course I understand that everyone doesn't love auto racing as much as I do. I was raised traveling the ARCA circut with my father who ran the series in the late 60's and early 70's. I suppose everyone needs to decide how to spend what little available money they have to enjoy this short life that we were givin. I'm sure anyone could get a couple of friends together to split the price to make it affordable for them.


I have mixed feelings. It is cheaper than driving to Nashville,  but my cable bill is 100\mo.  I would prefer it was on Mav TV or some other channel.