Hamilton setting up shop in Tennessee

Hamilton setting up shop in Tennessee

(TOLEDO, Ohio – June 30, 2015) – After competing in the first 10 events in 2015, Bobby Hamilton, Jr., who had raced his way as high as seventh in ARCA Racing Series presented by Menards point standings, has officially parted ways with Carter 2 Motorsports. Hamilton was noticeably absent from the line-up at Winchester.

“We’re starting our own team, and we couldn’t be more excited about our future,” Hamilton said.

“We’ve already got us a shop in Springfield, Tennessee. We’re hanging lights, building a fab shop…our guys are so energized about the possibilities, and so am I.”

Hamilton, Jr. followed in his father Bobby Hamilton, Sr.’s footsteps into the NASCAR big leagues, making it all the way to the Sprint Cup Series where he made 64 career starts between 2000 and 2006.

“When I was running all the Cup stuff…even back then I wanted to have my own ARCA team. I fell in love with the series a long time ago. I told my dad that I wanted to win races and a championship first before I moved on. But I was so in a hurry to get to Cup, that when I got the chance, I jumped. Looking back on it…call it young and dumb…call it whatever you want, but I wish I would have stayed in ARCA a little longer before I made the move. But, after the full circle, I’m back in ARCA, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. It just took too long to get back.”

Prior to 2015, Hamilton made just seven ARCA starts but with resounding success, finishing second at Atlanta Motor Speedway in 1998 from the pole. He also finished third at Charlotte in 1998, third at Daytona in 1999, fifth at Pocono in 1998, and fifth at Talladega in 1998.

Then, like a warm summer breeze, he was off to the NASCAR Xfinity Series full-time before he ended up in Cup. And it was there in the Xfinity Series where he made his biggest splash, making 253 career starts with five wins, 30 top-five finishes, and 63 top-10s.

After a long absence in racing, Hamilton was eager to get back to the sport he knew he loved.

“Coming back to ARCA like we did was just a breath of fresh air. It was like walking into a playground where all my old friends used to be. I love every part of it, and I want to be a bigger part of it going forward.

“Main thing I want people to know is that we have our own team. This is us. It’s still in the formative stages, but we’re definitely putting things in place. We’re in meetings with sponsors…we’ve got really good companies looking at us. We don’t even have a name yet, but we’re talking about it. We don’t really want to name it after anybody in particular, but whatever name we choose, we want people to eventually associate performance with our company name.

“Our goal is to compete for an owner’s championship in 2016. I’d like to drive a few and then put someone else in the car for the balance of the schedule…groom some young drivers…but we definitely want to compete for an owner’s championship. We may and try and run a couple yet this year, possibly Salem but nothing set in stone. We definitely have our sights set on the Daytona test in December. We don’t want to rush anything though…we want to do this the right way.

“I can tell you our guys could not be more excited about our future. I brought my crew chief with me – Chuck Adcock. He was with BHR during their championship years…got schooled under Harold Holly…he’s super sharp and he’s as excited as I am.

“Ultimately, we want to have control of our own ship…and we want to be a part of ARCA. Like I said, I fell in love with the series a long time ago, and I like it more now than I did then. We’re looking forward to contending.”

Don Radebaugh, dradebaugh@arcaracing.com

Darin A.

It's a shame that we didn't see Bobby Jr. in action at Winchester; I feel bad for this veteran. I sure hope he gets his team ready in the near future.

Stephen W.

@ John! You obviously do not have any idea what you are talking about! Roger went to JAIL for being a Fugative of Justice! Bobby and his team DOES NOT associate with Criminals!!!! Go to the Robertson County Tennessee Sheriff's office website and search for his name!

C2M repeatedly takes substandard cars to the track, for drivers who rent them, with the expectations of being able to compete in a race that they paid for to run on the ARCA circuit, and all too often, if the car starts, it only makes a few laps before having to be pushed off the track because the cars are old, and worn out! Look at the #40 car at Winchester! It didn't even start! I doubt drivers like to pay for that kind of results!

I highly advise anyone who wishes to race, DO NOT do business with Roger and Dana Carter! You WILL be sadly disappointed!

John Franceskino

Maybe I am crazy but it looked to me C2M always gave Hamilton a good race car! Unless he is some kinda super hero and he can take an old worn out car and run 7th in points! As far as the rest remember the saying you get what you pay for.

John Franceskino

I doubt he will make it in ARCA he ran for C2M he could have picked up a sponsor and kept racing with them the way I see it Roger gave him a huge opportunity and Hamilton screwed him! Hamilton used him to get his name back out there. Not so sure that worked good luck finding funding its not that easy! Let's see how the story ends.

jeff d.

To bad he can't another ride until he gets his team up and going.