ARCA Safety Initiative updates safety equipment requirements for over-the-wall crew members in 2016

(TOLEDO, Ohio – January 7, 2016) – Every pit crew member that will perform live pit stops – “go over the wall” – in 2016 will have to adhere to new safety requirements, according to the rules released by ARCA Racing Series presented by Menards officials.

The increased safety requirements are part of ARCA’s long term commitment to the safety of the series’ drivers, teams and all participants and are part of the ARCA Safety Initiative.

The biggest change for over-the-wall crew members is the requirement of a “head sock” with a minimum SFI specification of 3.3. Prior to 2016, only the crew members handling Sunoco Racing Fuel were required to wear the sock. Also regarding racing fuel, ARCA officials will now require any crew member involved with fueling a car to wear an apron with a minimum SFI specification of 52.1. Over-the-wall crew members will also be required to use gloves which meet a minimum SFI specification of 3.3/1.

“We at ARCA are deeply committed to the safety of everyone involved in our series, from the drivers to the pit crews to race fans,” said Joe Wells, ARCA’s Director of Race Operations & Administration. “These changes are a direct reflection of that. We are making things safer for everyone involved.”

Some teams have already been utilizing these safety features in their pits stops and ARCA has encouraged these items be utilized in recent years.

All of the attire must meet minimum safety standards as set forth in the 2016 ARCA Official Rule Book, which is available to ARCA licensed members at the Competitor page of the ARCA website.