From race cars to records, from Australia to Europe, catching up with Bo LeMastus

From race cars to records, from Australia to Europe, catching up with Bo LeMastus

TOLEDO, Ohio (March 3, 2016) – It’s no simple thing catching up with Crosley Brands CEO Bo LeMastus, but tracked him down Wednesday to find out what the Louisville, Kentucky ARCA racer is up to.

With the next ARCA Racing Series presented by Menards event still more than a month out, LeMastus still has “pressing” issues to deal with.

“We’re getting into the record pressing business,” LeMastus said.

“I was supposed to be going to Australia, but I was able to plug in Jeff Parrish so I could keep on top of the business at home and get ready for racing. We’re buying a record pressing plant in the UK (United Kingdom), but the company has its headquarters in Australia.

“We’ve been selling record players for years, so getting in the record pressing business is a natural extension of what we’ve already been doing. There isn’t a lot of record pressing equipment out there so we’re buying some. Now, we’ll be able to take a recording, make a stamp, press out a vinyl record and package it to completion. The group out of Australia has a facility up for sale in the UK, so we bought it.

“We’ll spend a couple weeks in Australia, learning the inner details. Some of their employees will come here for 90 days during the transition. We’ve had to do most of our business overseas. We’re used to doing business overseas, but now we’re going to be doing it right here in Louisville.

“It’s a big opportunity, but at the same time, it’s not gonna make your life any simpler…gotta pay for this racing habit.

“Going to Australia would have worn me out…I just didn’t have the bandwidth to go over for three weeks…I wouldn’t have gotten to test at Nashville.”

In fact, LeMastus traveled to Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville last weekend to test his late model.

“We tested our late model at Nashville last Saturday, myself and Sterling Marlin…just logging laps in that car. We’re also planning on testing our ARCA car (at Nashville) week of the 14th.”Bo LeMastus car in garage at Daytona 2016

With no race track in his immediate future, LeMastus has a “pedal plan” in place for the weekend ahead.

“I’m going to take advantage of the mild temperatures, stay home and ride my bicycle this weekend…out in the country near where I live…take the back roads.”

Despite a little “down time”, LeMastus says he’d still rather be at the track.

“Oh I’d definitely rather be at the track. We’ve already had our off-season from October to the 13th (Daytona)…that’s enough for me. If I’m off too long, I get nervous.”

As badly as LeMastus wants to get back to racing, he’s got more company business to take care of overseas.

“I’ll make one more trip to Europe before Nashville. But I can do all that in five or six days…I’ll probably do it right after the (Nashville) test. Once you get into Nashville, we go for a while.”

While LeMastus is more than ready to get back in the car, his Team Crosley crew members have been hard at it.

“We’re all in with four composite cars ready to go. It’s not confirmed yet what we’re racing at Nashville, but from everything we hear, the composite cars are awfully good.”

Don Radebaugh,


Considering the recent spate of racers off road misadventures, I hope Bo Lemastus bike ride is not jinxed. :-)

Steven Volpp

Love that there will be a new place to get vinyl manufactured in America.