Resting comfortably in Earnhardt, Jr's "junkyard"

Resting comfortably in Earnhardt, Jr's "junkyard"

TOLEDO, Ohio (March 31, 2016) – The car that Will Kimmel destroyed last year at Mobile Int’l Speedway is going to live in infamy, or at least until it rusts to the ground.Will Kimmel wrecked car

In fact, you may have already seen the postings on social media, especially after Dale Earnhardt, Jr. sent out the following Tweet, “Latest donation to the racecar junkyard. Thanks @WillKimmel”.

And on the heels of Earnhardt’s “thanks”, the car now rests comfortably among the weeds, twigs and trees in Earnhardt’s private “racecar junkyard”.

How it actually happened is also interesting.

“Travis Mack, who started here with us (at Kimmel Racing) when he first got going, is now the Car Chief for Dale, Jr.,” Bill Kimmel said.

“I called him the other day and told him I need to get this car out of the shop and to see if he’d check with Jr. … to see if he would like to have it. Got a call back in about 30 minutes that said, absolutely he wants it for his graveyard.”

As it turned out, it ended up being perfect timing for Kimmel Racing.

“We had to go down to Charlotte anyway to pick up a Composite car, so we just swapped out the cars. The timing was perfect.

“It’s a heck of a way to get publicity, but someone told me once…bad publicity is good publicity.”

As best as we can tell, it's the first ARCA car to enter Earnhardt's "junkyard" lot.

Don Radebaugh,