Mike Basham back to work on ole no. 34 for Nashville

TOLEDO, Ohio (March 11, 2017) -- Fans of Darrell Basham Racing (DBR) are in for a treat in 2017. Team patriarch Darrell Basham, along with his son Jason Basham, are planning to return to the driver's seat. And for the trifecta, Mike Basham, who held the DBR torch in 2016, is coming back too.

Mike is scheduled first-up in the 34 car at the next race - the Music City 200 presented by Azure Foundation at Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville April 8.

"I'm actually going to try and work on the car this weekend," Mike Basham said.

"Been slacking on that...gotta get going. Gene Griffins got us a motor last year. We ran it at Nashville last year. He had it redone and we have to put it back in. He's the fella that bought us our one and only new set of tires last year. He's helped us out a lot...he's our sponsor. Plus, he's a super-nice guy and he loves racing too. Car needs a paint job too."

There'll  be another step in the course of getting Basham's short track car ready for Nashville.

"I think Will and Bill Kimmel may help us try and coil-bind it."

That means that Basham will need to drag the car over to the Kimmel Racing shop in Clarksville, Indiana.

"We helped Mike a little bit last year," said Kimmel Racing patriarch Bill Kimmel. "Whatever we can do, we will. We have a pull-down rig here in the shop. He'll have to bring it over but we'll pull it down and get the springs hitting properly."

Fortunately Basham's still got some time to get ole number 34 ready for Nashville. After a little vacation time in Florida, Basham says he also needs to get back to earning a living.

"I bought a truck off of dad...actually it's been about three years now. I really enjoy it. I worked for 15 dollars an hour forever laying commercial flooring. It got to be where I could hardly get down on my knees anymore. When I went trucking I have more money than I ever had. I really like it. I can work when I want...I don't have a lot of bills so I don't have to stay busy all the time. Trucking's nice...dad sold me a pretty good truck."

Mike's dad Darrell is also an independent trucker of course, and after one more operation, plans to make his ARCA return somewhere in 2017.

"Dad's gonna race some...Jason's even gonna race some. I'm not sure where dad's coming back to race but however it works out, it'll be alright...we'll have some fun with the three of us racing. Be nice to have dad back. I'd like to see dad race our yellow car...that's a really nice car."

Despite all the things to get done in time for Nashville, Basham says he'll also find some time this weekend to go RC Racing with his almost four-year-old granddaughter. RC racing involves scaled-back remote control cars.

"They have a carpet track over in Clarksville, Indiana. My granddaughter loves it...loves workin' on 'em. She gets so excited...it's the coolest thing."

Look for Basham brothers Mike and Jason at the ARCA races in 2017. Sounds like you'll find great-grandfather Darrell nearby too, and eventually right back in the driver's seat of No. 34. We'll keep you posted.

Don Radebaugh