Video: HERR's Potato Chips 100 '17


Great video. I watch this periodically and it brings a smile to my face every time. Nice job. It will stay book marked on my computer.

Zach Rader

Well thats an awesome compliment! Thanks CIRF!

Suzette M.

Wow!!!  What a Bad A$$ Video! Awesome coverage! Loved the music! 

My Fave Austin Theriault was Wheel'n it! Holy moly! #SoProud


Zach Rader

Can't get a much better response on a video comment if I must say so myself Suzette!  Thanks!


Suzette M.

Wow! Very cool Zach! I really appreciate that. Well, you did an amazing job. I call it like I see it. Plus it didn't hurt that my Fave Austin Theriault was Rock'n it! Quiet entertaining. Awe, well you're most welcome Zach! Can't wait to see the next one. Road America should be awesome. Have a great evening. 

Tommy P.

Another great video from Zach!

Diane D.

WTG AT#52!! 

Kent Whitaker

Awesome! Loved the music background!

Zach Rader

Thanks Kent! Always glad to get good feedback from the viewers!