Video: Theriault's quick message to Maine from victory lane at DuQuoin

Theresa P.

That's REAL NEWS...we're loyal enough to wait a week or more to watch Austin win whenever MAVTV or FS 1 is ready to broadcast.  The people of Maine are very patient follks.  We're also amazed with Awesome Austin's record this year.  He's our Maine man.

Diane D.

Thank you for sharing. Austin has a Army of loyal fans. GO AT!!


Buster D.

   Austin is by far the "pride of Maine" and has a tremendous

following. Not since the days of Ricky Craven have we had

such a talented driver and spokesman in the sport.

We are all proud of you AT. Go get them!

Zach Rader

No problem Diane! The fans of Austin deserve to hear this good feedback for their support.