Video: Last Laps of Crosley Brands 150

Randall F.

TY Zach

Suzette M.

Awesome video guys!!! Loved it! TY

Suzette M.

Wow!! What an exciting finish! Crazy restarts! Austin was amazing on that 4 wide restart! Holy moly! That gave me chills! Austin was Wheel'n that green/white checkered! Loved It! WTG Austin! 



Randall F.

Did the #52 car have any scrape marks on it?  I kept waiting for some one to try a bump and run on him those last few laps. 

Zach Rader

Austin was a little banged up but like we have witnessed all season Austin Theriault is one of the cleanest drivers I have ever seen. He usually only comes away with your typical hard racer scrapes and bumps in the car but this race specifically Theriault looked clean except for the rear end because the #22 of Shane Lee gave Theriault a push to move up the field right out of the gate at the end of the race and give him the lead.