Video: Austin Theriault compliments his Maine fans following the win at Kentucky

Mark C.

Great to see you having an awesome year and great success in ARCA  You have come a long way since racing at Spud Speedway! I hope you have continued success and make it into NASCAR and enjoy success there as well. Thank you for keeping it real and being humble, We COUNTY folks and all of Maine are proud of you....Congrats on your season ( and championship ) and God Bless AT52 

Suzette M.

Awe, great video Austin! It's so awesome to have your home state of Maine behind you! I love it! Your parents raised an amazing young man AT! I'm so proud to be an AT Fan.
Hey, don't forget this Little ol' girl from California that's a huge Fan of yours as well Austin Theriault 


Barbara F.

That's why we Mainers love Austin so much!  He is such an awesome young man!   We are VERY PROUD of our County boy!! 

Suzette M.

That is so awesome! Austin in one Lucky guy! #GoAT52