Motorsports Safety Group to Host Wellness Seminar at Salem

Motorsports Safety Group to Host Wellness Seminar at Salem

TOLEDO, Ohio (April 13, 2018) -- Officials from the Automobile Racing Club of America (ARCA) announced today that Motorsports Safety Group would be hosting the first in a series of scheduled Safety Seminars Saturday, April 21 at Salem Speedway.

Dr. Jason Cormier, founder of Motorsports Safety Group and one of the country’s leading neurosurgeons, will present a 30-minute session at the southern Indiana Salem half-mile oval, immediately following the day's Driver/Spotter meeting. The Seminar, scheduled for 10:45 a.m., will include general health and wellness material specifically related to race drivers and crew members. Attendance for all entered drivers is required, and the seminar is open to all licensed participants. Crew Chiefs and car owners are encouraged to attend. Practice and qualifying activities for Sunday’s Kentuckiana Ford Dealers 200 will follow. 

“I still race professionally, so my goal is to provide safety tips to drivers, pit crew and loyal fans that come out every weekend,” said Cormier. “While the sport has dangers, we can take precautions to provide a measure of safety.”  

With his surgical background, Cormier has begun engaging companies to establish new technologies to diagnose and rehabilitate head injuries. He is now focusing his efforts on prevention.  

“There’s some exciting preventative stuff that we think will help mitigate the forces that cause concussions and takes advantage of what nature has given us,” Cormier said. 

Through Cormier’s work with racecar drivers, he has found that very few have the desire to alter their racing styles, so preventative measures are best taken before the racing begins. 

“We are excited to be back hosting another series of seminars in 2018. We covered a lot of ground last summer and look to take a little deeper dive this year.” 

The Salem seminar will be the first of four scheduled meetings with Motorsports Safety Group. Additional Safety Seminars are tentatively scheduled in conjunction with the Menards 200 at Toledo Speedway the weekend of May 19-20; Thursday, May 24 at Charlotte Motor Speedway and Thursday, June 28 at Chicagoland Speedway. 

Dr. Cormier formed the Motorsports Safety Group to create a means by which to promote health, wellness and preventative practices within the sport of auto racing. Dr. Cormier crafted this strategic partnership with the ARCA Safety Initiative Program to form a “Motorsports Healthcare Education Plan,” a high profile, interactive activation designed to reach millions of race fans throughout the country. The Motorsports Safety Group’s support of the ARCA Safety Initiative was announced at the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show in December of 2016. 

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