No Hixson Motorsports at Salem; first time in 20 years

No Hixson Motorsports at Salem; first time in 20 years

SALEM, Ind. (April 20, 2018) -- The entry list at Salem Speedway is notable for a lot of reasons…great teams, great drivers and great stories throughout. It's also notable for what's not there. For 20 consecutive years, Hixson Motorsports has fielded cars in every ARCA Racing Series presented by Menards race, every event since Daytona 1999. However, the Hixson, Tennessee-based team will not be in the line-up at Salem.

"I'm sitting on my back porch looking out at the Tennessee River," said Team Owner Wayne Hixson. "I'm going fishing tomorrow."

Hixson has been fielding ARCA cars since 1988.

"We ran Charlotte, Atlanta, Daytona, Talladega and Pocono up through '98. We did that up till '99 when we started full-time."

It's been more than full-time for Hixson who often fielded as many as three cars in each race.

"I've raced in every ARCA race since '99 without missing one…670 cars I've put out there over the last 20 years. I still love to race…still want to race; but there's a little relief in this.

"The rules changed so much…it just costs too much for guys like me. There's no hard feelings; but I'm not going to keep spending money just to go around in circles…without having a shot to run up front.

"I'm still going to race; but we just won't be there as much unless someone calls and wants to run and has got the money to run.

"Our next race is Pocono…I think Steve Fox is going to run the 3 car for us. We're also going to run St. Louis (Gateway) with Eric (Caudell). Joe (Cooksey) is going to run Springfield and DuQuoin. Joe drove the wheels off the car at Nashville, and couldn't stay up against those other motors."

Hixson received the Marcum Award at the 2017 ARCA national championship awards banquet. He is also a veteran of the Vietnam War, and was wounded in combat during the TET Offensive. He would be wounded two more times before leaving Vietnam, earning three Purple Hearts. Wayne credits a radio he had on his back during one attack for saving his life, as a mortar explosion sent a foot-long piece of shrapnel through the radio and into his back, but the radio only allowed it to penetrate his back about 3 inches. While he was with the 9th Marines, the unit was awarded the Meritorious Unit Citation and the Navy Unit Commendation. While in Vietnam, Wayne once went on a 56 day patrol, during which there were no showers or changes of clothes. After leaving Vietnam, Wayne concluded his enlistment as a Prison Guard on Guam, and was Honorably Discharged on July 19, 1972. 


Spec Cars with "Spec Engines" and Carbon/Fiber Bodies are NOT Really representative of the vehicles the Auto Manufacturers are touting and trying to sell through motor sports competition---What happened to the normal Auto Manufacturer saying "Win on Sunday-SELL on Monday!"??? Does ARCA Make money off the teams for the "Spec" Illmor produced , non-Stock engines??? Whatever happened to the popular fan and team concept of Inter-Make COMPETITION????? This Series like ASA with their dictated "Spec" engines will drive real fans, teams, sponsors, and Manufacturers away as is already obvious ......Greed & Money corrupts all !



Why cant there be something changed (weight break? Etc.) to get the legacy Ford, GM, Chrysler engines the extra HP that they are short of compared to the new Illmor motors? I do not understand why teams can’t purchase used NASCAR motors and be able to race them competitively in the ARCA series. I say you should seriously consider this Ron Drager. Not every car  should have to have an Illmor motor to be competitive. Where is the DIVERSITY there?


Times are changing, sadly....


Edward Souze

to bad