gary e.

First line of Business..get rid of the old timers ....rush in the rich child prodigies and by all means jump on the politically correct band wagon. I got a sinking feeling in my gut.      


I love  the ARCA series.  I hope that the format and schedule on short tracks stay in this series and they keep the midwest footprint.  And, PLEASE, come back to the Milwaukee Mile!

David Williams

Well there it goes, swirling in the preverbal much for the little guy being able to stay in the series.  RIP ARCA.

Alex L.

damn. i cant believe in that

James D.

ARCA don’t own the tracks Ron dose

Gary S.

On the noon news, they said the deal did not include Toledo Speedway or Flat Rock Speedway. ARCA owns these tracks, so what happens to them? Doesn't sound to bode well for these tracks.

brian s.

I understand that Auto Racing in general is declining And understand Mr Drager decision. I just hope in pray that NASCAR doesn't ruin this great Mid-west based sanctioning body, and the rich and colorful history of ARCA. The ARCA is truly a family affair, something NASCAR has forgotten it's roots many years ago with all the Corporate teams there have now. ARCA is the last of those roots of how stock car racing came to be Family . I hope and pray this too is not gone.


Ron what does this mean for flat rock and Toledo???


Remember the truck series this will be a grass root short track series YEAH RIGHT!

Timothy E.

What I am hoping for is that we get a mix of cup tracks in with the traditional Arca tracks. It would be interesting to see another Arca race at Atlanta.


ARCA fans enjoy the 2018/2019 Seasons after that cup tracks only!

Timothy E.

That is my worry, I love the 1-mile dirt tracks, Salem, Toledo, Winchester, and I want them to stay there. Who knows we might be in luck. Time will tell.


Sold out 

Timothy E.

If Brian France is running this than we all have to worry.

Andrew Simmons

I'm hoping that they'll let Ron still have responsibilities to run the series even-though the finances would be handled now by NASCAR (hate this word) since they now have acquired ARCA. I just hope nothing happens to the points and race format of this series, ARCA has been my home for racing action since I haven't watched any NASCAR the past 3 years. 

James D.

Ron, dose this mean we can go fishing now? Jed lol

Jason V.

They better not take away the roots and shorts tracks

Kent Whitaker

This will be interesting

Edward Souze