Statement from NASCAR & ARCA on the passing of James Hylton

Statement from NASCAR & ARCA on the passing of James Hylton

“Racing competitively in parts of six decades, James Hylton’s dedication, passion and longevity in motorsports is virtually unmatched. Hylton won the rookie of the year at NASCAR’s highest level, the 1972 race at Talladega Superspeedway and regularly contended for championships during the early years of his career. His racing influence continued into the ARCA series, where he competed as a driver and, most recently, a car owner. We have lost a truly special member of the racing family and a beloved figure among generations of competitors and race fans alike. We extend our deepest condolences to the Hylton family on the tragic loss of James Hylton and his son James Jr.”


I first met james a few years back at Daytona, my friend Glenn and i were trying to get credentials for the pits hoping to help a race team, we were told that we had to be affiliated with a team, as we were walking out the door James was walking in, i told my friend thats James Hylton, I wonder if he need i asked him he reached out and shook my hand and said he sure did, come with me, he put our names on his list...well several years later Im still part of the team, I thanked James for helping my dream of being part of a crew, he shook my hand and said that he appreciated me. James taught me and so many people about racing and I will forever be grateful, Rest in Peace James and tweet, we will miss you.


So very sad to hear the news about James and his son. I always tried to talk with James whenever I went to an ARCA race, like Salem or Toledo. I always told him I was from Springfield OH, and, we would talk a little bit about Jack Bowsher and his family. He was a true, racing gentleman. May he and his son, Rest In Peace.

God bless him and his family.


Very sad. May God's Blessings shine upon the Hylton family and all his friends. Prayers from fans⛪

Robert C.

I am very sad to hear about Mr. Hylton and his son James jr. James Harvey was a very big part of ARCA and the garage. He would take the time to talk to anyone. He didn't really know me but I always respected him very, very much. At Daytona a few years back I said hi to him and that I saw him and Rex on T.V. for the H.O.F. induction and he talked my ear off. That was one of my best memories I have. I'm sure going to miss the old school stuff about him. I hope Terry will be ok. Condolences to everyone involved.

Mary and Andy Kilpatrick

Andy and I are truly heartbroken.  Andy learned so much about racing while working for James Harvey - all the good old school ways of doing things.  James was a mentor, a boss, and a father figure to Andy.  I will forever miss not hearing him holler "where's The Girl" (I sometimes think he could never remember my name!!).  Many a good time at the different tracks, eating ice cream outside the hotels and listening to James tell the stories of the "old days."  And Tweet, there are just no words - his never ending dedication to his mom and dad and what he did at the track (don't EVER mess with Tweets' tires), he was never ending energy.  He was always respectful of me, always in his happy mood, always with a smile, worked himself silly, and I never heard him utter a bad word about anyone else in the garage area.....  They will be truly missed, but James, Tweet, you have the love and prayers for God Speed from everyone who knew you.  You have eternity to catch up with all your racing buddies who went before you....God speed....  Andy and Mary Ann


Melody C.

Speaking of Ice Cream. This was his birthday in 2015

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