Chandler Smith Dominates Salem

Chandler Smith Dominates Salem

Chandler Smith (No. 20 Craftsman Toyota) dominated the ARCA Racing Series presented by Menards Kentuckiana Ford Dealers Fall Classic 200 at Salem Speedway, leading 199 of 200 laps en route to his second series victory of the season.

"This car was absolutely on rails tonight," Smith said. "The guys on this team are the reason why. They busted their butts on pit road and got us out of the pits first every time. All the action was behind us. In a perfect world, they would all be like this."

Smith held off Gus Dean (No. 32 Baker Distributing/Gree Cooling Products Chevrolet) on a one lap dash to the checkered after a slew of late race cautions bunched the field.

Chase Purdy (No. 8 Bama Buggies Toyota) finished third, ARCA Racing Series championship leader Sheldon Creed was fourth, and Travis Braden (No. 27 MatrixCare/Consonus Healthcare/Liberty Village Ford) rounded out the top five.

Creed was able to add to his championship lead over Zane Smith (No. 41 LaPaz Margarita Mix/ICON Vehicle Dynamics Toyota), who was involved in a late-race crash and finished 18th.

"It was good for us because the car is in one piece and we added some points to the point lead," Creed said. "I was proud of my teammate Zane. He did what he needed to do. You race people the way you want to be raced."

Smith got into the back of Michael Self (No. 55 Sinclair Lubricants Toyota) and both crashed hard in turn four. The two had been involved in an incident earlier in the race. Smith pulled his car into the garage area where his MDM Motorsports team exchanged words with Self's Venturini Motorsports crew.

Self was less than impressed with what happened.

"I guess some drivers don't like to be raced hard," Self said. "I've worked hard for everything I have. I am racing the last two so we'll see how it works out."

There were six cautions for 43 laps which held the average speed to 70.380 miles per hour. The race took 1 hour, 34 minutes, 37 seconds to complete.

The next event for the ARCA Racing Series presented by Menards is the rescheduled Shore Lunch 200 at Lucas Oil Raceway in Brownsburg, Indiana on Saturday, October 6. Practice is set for 2 pm ET, General Tire Pole Qualifying is set for 4:15 pm ET, and the race will go green at 7 pm ET. will have free live timing & scoring, track updates, and scanner audio for registered users.


Congrats to chandler smith and the entire #20 VMS team on their win at salem. I don't have the channel to watch the race on MAV TV so could somebody tell  me what happened between  self (#55) and smith (#41) on what happened in the wreck that i just read about?

Steve H.

The 41 was in second and the 55 behind, they were racing several laps very hard.  The 55 was faster and got the 41 loose and passed him.  The 41 than took out the 55 with a total spin.  The 55 latter spun out the 41.  After several laps in the pits, the 41 poked out and waited for the 55 to catch up, he then took off and totally crashed out the 55 and himself.  Someone could have been hurt really bad,  ACRA should suspend the 41 driver and team for what was obviously a planned crash event.  My son and I were there and saw it all.  Just my 2 cents, I have no dog in this fight. 


I saw Venturini before the race sitting next to Andy H.  I thought the man was rude and could care less about the fans.


I, too, was there, and Steve pretty much hit the nail on the head - at least, how I remember it unfolding.

The first incident:  the 55 bumped the 41 and passed him off of 2.  Looked like short track racing to me.  Then the 41 tagged the rear of the 55 in 3-4 to spin him.  The 55 didn't hit anything, and both cars were still in good shape at this point.  It thought it was a little immature of the 41, but hey, it's been a rough season for him lately and it's short track racing - the whole deal should have been over right here (past is 20/20, I know).

The second incident:  on a later restart, the field was just getting going and the 41 checked up coming off 2 and the 55 didn't cut him any slack at all and turned him on the backstretch.  41 contacted the inside wall, and went to the infield for repairs.  Kind of a crappy move by the 55.

The third incident:  BS all the way around.  The 41 came out of the infield still trailing fluid.  They parked in the pits and got it patched up enough for the official to let him out.  41 went back on the track - creeped around 3-4 and the front, waiting for the 55.  Took off after the 55.  Made a run at him in 1-2, but missed.  41 got the 55 in 3-4 (saw the 55 car post-race, and it's junk), then drove back around and parked it in the infield.  Only crossed the line twice after coming out of the pits.  Completely uncalled for all the way around.  Shame on the officials for letting the 41 back out - everyone knew what was coming the second the 41 rolled out of the infield.  Both drivers lost some respect in my opinion, but more so the 41.  Hopefully ARCA doesn't let this spill over to Indy.


I'm sure Big Bill wasn't rude on purpose, if that's how he came across to you.  He, and their whole group, have been friendly to the fans as long as I've followed ARCA racing.  If he truly didn't care about the fans, he wouldn't have been out there signing autographs for folks. 

Matthew H.

Pathetic action, should be suspended.


sounds like smith (#41) should be suspended for retailation but... if #55 (self) race me like that i would of did the same thing . if somebody race me dirty like that i would race that way too to get even.

Bob J.

Seriously Zane Smith? I know the 55 car had it coming but to wreck him that bad was not professional. And I know Venturini likes to hire the best ringer they can find so they are just racing for victories and not points. Just a bad look for ARCA.

Mike  D.

So 7th? ok good alot better than usual but still they need to do the full results after i mean its not hard even if do can find some way to even do a cheap 1- whatever its been not good without timing or scoring if just go by nothing even after race top 5isnt much its usually same guys over and over in the top 5 i wanna know the other smaller teams if keeps up people just Might might stop just wait days after if cant even see anything i missed it anyhow but i heard no timing or scoring.. besides her my fav also curious about #0, #06,#48 the rest just case this not knowing and waiting days to see it is just not right. I never even heard of MAvtv or so

Mike  D.

since they dont do real results anymoer where did Natalie Decker at least finished?

Anthony A.


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