Five With The Five: Bret Holmes

Five With The Five: Bret Holmes

2019 has five different drivers competing for the championship, Travis Braden, Michael Self, Bret Holmes, Joe Graf Jr., and Christian Eckes. Come follow each of their journeys this season with our “Five With The Five” where each week we set the timer for five minuets  and sit down with them to find out what’s been going on both in and out of the race car. 

Next up, Bret Holmes!  

ARCA: What have you been up to since Salem? 

Bret: Not much just been at school. I’ve had a lot of schoolwork, and this week alone I’ve had four exams. Next week, and the week after Talladega, I have finals. So just really getting ready for that. 

A: Oh wow! It must be hard to focus on that and know you’re going to a super-speedway in a just a week. 

B: Yeah, for sure! Especially one of those races where it’s a lot more mentally straining, and I’ve got two finals before Talladega. I mean, it will be fine. I’m kind of use to it by now. I’ve been going to school and racing at the same time most of my life. So it’s not anything new to me, you know? 

A: I was just about to say, that’s probably second nature to you by this point. 

So we’re going to your home track, Talladega, next! So because of that, is it more pressure on you compared to our other super-speeday, Daytona? 

B: Yeah for sure! Daytona is always a stressful thing, being the first one of the year and no one really knows how they’re going to shapeup. But with Talladega, I know I’ll have family and friends watching. So it’s pretty tough for me as far as having that in the back of my mind. Also, I grew up right across the road racing dirt. I’m good friends with a lot of people that still race over there to this day, so I know they watch that race too. If any of my friends or family watch a race the whole year it’s Talladega. So that’s what I have to think about- knowing they’re there watching, or that they’re going to be talking to me about it for the rest of the year. I mean that’s the conversation I have with most people who want to talk racing. They want to talk about how I did at Talladega or how I’ve been doing. 

A: How do you get all of that out of your head before you get in the race car? So that you can just focus on driving. 

B: Honestly, right before the race starts I just try to block all that out mentally, and focus on our job. I don’t look at my phone or anything like that because I know if I do I’ll see people telling me, “good luck!” And people telling me they’re going to watch. So I try not to pay any attention to that and know that if I just completely focus on what I’m about to do then I’ll do my best. That’s kind of how I go about it. Like I said, I don’t have to worry about it as much at the other races, just that one cause we’re so close to home. 

A: So is this one of your favorite tracks because of all the support or is it the least favorite because of the pressure? 

B: As far as what it means to be there and to race there, that makes it one of my top favorite tracks. Not so much how we’ve done there, or how the racing is at super speedways (though I do love super speedway racing). But our record of finishing those races isn’t that great, and it’s kind of frustrating. You know? Cause we’ve had great car every year. We led a few laps last year- started nineteenth and got the front. And then it didn’t go our way. I think other tracks like Nashville and Pensacola are my favorite because I like driving at those places and I don’t have those outside distractions so I can just focus on performance. 

A: Gotcha. 

Well, you mentioned you had finals between now and Talladega, but do you have anything fun planned going on as well? 

B: Haha other than that I don’t have a whole lot going on. I’m going home this weekend to see my family for Easter. My sister does a lot of theater and she’s performing at Red Mountain theater in Birmingham so I’m going to watch that on Sunday and visit some family. That’s probably what I’m most excited about- definitely not finals. 

A: Right! Well, Bret that’s been five minutes. 


Must be hard to balance between school and racing.

John T

It's cool seeing the differences between these drivers. 

Michael said in his he is motivated because he's friends and family will be at 'Dega- 

Bret seems a bit more nervous about it.