Travis Braden-"If you’re going to Talladega for race weekend, you have to check out Talladega Boulevard."

Travis Braden-"If you’re going to Talladega for race weekend, you have to check out Talladega Boulevard."

Travis Braden- Easter Update

ARCA: So how has your Easter been, Travis? 

Travis: It’s been great! I’ve been at the shop all day. I just left about ten minutes ago after putting in a good days work with the guys. 

A: Nice! Just getting ready for Talladega, or things outside of that? 

T: Actually, we’re going to go test Nashville after ‘Dega with the short track car. So getting all that stuff finished up setup-wise. Working on the ‘Dega car a little bit, but it’s pretty much ready. It’s been ready. And we have our mile and a half car that we’re trying to get finished up too, because we test that in only a few weeks- believe it or not!  

A: Right, time’s flying by! 

So now that you have the night off, do you have any plans? 

T: Yeah! I’m heading home right now. We’re gonna cook some chicken. It’s one of the first nice evenings of the year I would say. It’s perfectly sunny, and about 70 degrees. So we’re going to sit outside and have some food and relax for once. 

A: That sounds great! 

T: Yeah! 

A: So are you feeling confident for Talladega? 

T: Yeah I feel really confident. I feel like we kind of know what we’ve got now after last season, the past two races, and Daytona this year. We know that the Fords draft well, but you have to get with some fast cars. They kind of struggle to lead a pack. So we kind of know what we need to be doing, you know? We need to get with good cars and be second or third in the line. And kind of strategically place ourselves for a good finish at the end. 

A: You mentioned in your previous “Five With The Five” that one of your goals for this season was to get things kind of five steps ahead. Is that plan still working as you we’re hoping this year?

T: It is! We’re going to be very prepared compared to last year. And I don’t want to say that we were unprepared- we were not unprepared. But we are prepared for literally any possible scenario, I feel now. We’re not quite done yet. Basically, I feel, when we go to Charlotte for that test that’ll be the last little week of just finishing every little thing on every car. Every car will be where it needs to be and all the variables will be accounted for, and we’re really close to that now. These next two weeks leading up to that is going to be our time to finish everything up. 

A: So for the fans that are coming out to watch, where is one place around Talladega they need to go and check out? 

T: The Boulevard. If you’re going to Talladega for race weekend, you have to check out Talladega Boulevard. Which is in the infield of the track. I only got to spend a few hours there the past year and it was my first time there. I don’t know if they’re formal events or not but people through cool little parties and there’s music, and it’s always a great time. Especially if the weathers good.  And there’s a grill just a few miles down, to the west of the track. We went there last year and it was really good food and a cool atmosphere. 

A: So what’s been the most memorable part for you racing at Talladega? What’s one moment that really sticks out?

T: Well, believe it or not, last year was my only Talladega start. Our race was kind of uneventful. We started in the back, we had a bad qualifying run. And because we were back there and we didn’t want to tear up our car (which we had done at Daytona) We were probably a little overcautious- and myself overcautious. We just kind of hung out. There wasn’t a whole lot of excitement happening. And I wish there was, honestly. It was one of the days where we got to the finish and that was good. We finished the race and didn’t have any damage. 

A: There’s the new rule this year that no longer gives unlimited green-white-checkard finishes at Daytona and Talladega. What’s that like from the drivers (or your) perspective?

T: Oh I’m really happy about it! I mean, it stinks sometimes because I’m sure there’s going to be a day where we have that play out and there’s a silly, quick caution and it ends the race. And it’s like, “Man we didn’t really get to see a finish, really.” BUT 9 times out of 10 it’s not really good. Even the fans, they love to see excitement and wrecks but generally even the fans are like, “Eh, we don’t want to see a bunch of wrecked cars” 

A: Well that’s been fine minutes. Thanks so much Travis! 

Jessica Ballard

Offended that partying with me was not his most memorable part of Talladega.

Andrea V

Offended for you! Hopefully there will be even more partying this go-around :) 


Nice article to read on Travis.

Andrea V

He's a fun one to talk to!