Christian Eckes-"I’m good now. I just think it’s funny at this point"

Christian Eckes-"I’m good now. I just think it’s funny at this point"

ARCA: So what have you been up to? 

Christian: Leaking! One word. That’s it. Just leaking. Leaking out of my esophagus. 

A: Oh man! Still trying to recuperate from it all? 

C: No, I’m good now. I just think it’s funny at this point, and it’s best to just kind of laugh about it. 

A: That’s good! Especially with something like that where you were in the hospital for about five days, yes? It was definitely pretty serious. 

C: Yeah, Saturday through Tuesday, so four days. So not too bad. Not great. But not bad. The food was terrible! 

A: And the worst timing ever, I’m sure. 

C: Yeaaah. 

A: Well I’m glad you’re feeling better, and you can just get back at it for Talladega. 

I’m sure that makes you even more excited now to race there for the first time. 

C: Yeah, absolutely! You know, I feel like the Venturini’s speedway program, so far, has been pretty solid. I got the pole [at Daytona] and Harrison won the race. And I felt like we had a shot to win that race at least. So I’m really hopefully and looking forward to going back. 

A: When are you guys leaving? And what are you most excited about once you get there? 

C: I leave Wednesday night, and I’m just most excited to be back at a racetrack. Where I’m not sick and in great equipment again. That’s what I’m most looking forward to right there. 

A: It must be really hard when something you can’t control, like that happens and doesn’t allow you to do what you love. Is that one of your biggest ticks or annoyances with this job- is when you lose that control? 

C: I mean, this usually never happens. I’ve never skipped a race in my entire life. For this to happen…well, I mean there no politely correct word to say. 

A: Right, I get that. So what gives you that drive to get back in a car every weekend? 

C: I feel like every time I strap in it’s like a different universe. For me, and I’m assuming other drivers as well, it’s a place for me to be myself, and really have fun at what I’m doing. Everything else that’s going on in the world just kind of drifts away. You know? It’s just me and that race car. And it’s definitely an awesome feeling to have that. 

A: And where are you most excited to go to this year? 

C: Like I said, at this point, just the next racetrack. 

A: It doesn’t matter. 

C: It doesn’t matter. It could be anywhere and I’d be happy with it. 

A: What’s been the highest point of this week for you? What’s the best thing that’s happened? 

C: Well, I’ll start with the lowest point. 

A: Okay, that works! 

C: I got stabbed about sixteen times when they were trying to find a vein, and the lady continued to ask me if I was okay. And obviously, I was not okay! I just got stabbed like sixteen times, of course I’m not okay.

A: Ouch! 

C: Yeah, and that happened this morning as well. They were taking blood for my final blood test and they stabbed me three times. They finally got it on the third one. 

A: Are you just bruised everywhere now then? 

C: Oh yeah! The one that they missed at the hospital is pretty big. Like, it’s not good at all. It’s bruised my entire arm.

A: Yikes! So I bet your highest point isn’t hard to beat from that. 

C: Yeah, this week…I don’t even know what my highest of highs would be. It’s been a pretty terrible week to be completely honest. I would probably say leaving the hospital. There’s a distinct smell to a hospital. 

A: Oh yeah! It’s the worst. 

C: It’s hospital food…but like everywhere. The hospital food just kind of intensifies the smell. It just smells terrible. No offense to the hospitals in Jeffersonville Indiana, but my god it smelled terrible. It’s forever engrained into my mind. 

A: Haha! Well that’s been five minutes. See you in a few days! 


Glad he's racing this weekend...most importantly he's better now!!! Best of luck at Talladega .

John T

Glad he's feeling better!