As a loyal paying ARCA fan that travels 300+ miles sometimes to watch races in person (Even though I could watch it at home free) I don't want to travel to a race for a last lap phony win anymore than paying hotels, gas, tolls, etc. and having the race finish under a yellow flag.


ARCA drivers and teams are a big level above the K&N series.   Very surprised if she could ever win here.  But, it does not matter.  Decker has a truck ride and she never won ARCA.  


Short track racing will always have some rubbing but I'm not looking forward to someone purposely taking someone out.  If they are good enough drivers they should be able to get around them WITHOUT touching them. If she takes someone out deliberately on the last lap for a win the other driver should not be restrained if they choose to go after her. She better not hide behind her crew and let them do the fighting for her either. If she's not okay with that then she should race in demolition derbies instead. I don't want to see this years close championship battle coming down to an intentional lame push out of the way by her. Now if see can win without lame contact all the more power to her.

Trevor T.

She's a racer. Gives as good as she gets. Doesn't throw a bad punch either looking at her training regime. Looking forward to seeing where her career takes her.


I'm a fan and i support her racing but.... Trevor T. if she keeps racing like she is right now... she won't have much of one they way she driving now....just saying !!! 


I support and pull for Hailie Deegan but....she needs to watch her aggressive driving because if she moves someone on the last lap to win the race....not only they won't forget it .....they will get even down the line to return the favor... if she can dish it...I hope she can take it right back because when she gets to the top three nascar series....they won't take that...specialy to a guy name Kyle Busch or any other top driver that will give to you right back....what I'm saying is...she need to be careful who she race against because if they do it her right back (wreck or bump them outta the way!!!)....they won't appologize for it either.... I watched racing for a very long time to know this and all I'm getting is ....you don't want to make ememies on the track....i done that in my only race on the track over 10 years ago and i got told that the person i accidently put in the wall that he brought a junk race car just to take me out the next week and my only regret is that i didn't talk to him after the race...I should of  but i didn't....making your fellow drivers mad is not the best idea...believe me!!!!!

Darin A.

Love that she shows aggression in stock car racing. Wishing Hailie Deegan the best of luck in Elko. :)