Five With The Five: Michael Self- School Work And Looking Down At Fireworks

Five With The Five: Michael Self- School Work And Looking Down At Fireworks

2019 has five different drivers competing for the championship, Travis Braden, Michael Self, Bret Holmes, Joe Graf Jr., and Christian Eckes. Come follow each of their journeys this season with our “Five With The Five” where each week we set the timer for five minuets  and sit down with them to find out what’s been going on both in and out of the race car. 

     Next up, Michael Self!   

Andrea: Hi!

Michael: Hey, how's it going?

Andrea: Good, How are you?

Michael: Cool. Very good. Still busy. It's good to have a week off and get caught up on things.

Andrea: Right, and now you're right back at it.

Michael: Right.

Andrea: So, you said you were testing today. Where are you at?

Michael: No, no no. I had a test for school.

Andrea:Oh! That kind of test.  I was thinking racing.., because that's what you do haha.

Michael: Haha,  nope, A test for school.

Andrea:   Gotcha. What was that in?

Michael: I'm taking one summer course right now. It's Sustainable Development. So that's the only class I'm taking this summer, but it was in that.

Andrea:  Hopefully not too difficult.

Michael: No, I think I did pretty good on it. Felt pretty good. But it's a short course because it's over the summer, so I think it's actually only a five or a six week course. So we've had a test every week so far.

Andrea: Oh man.

Michael: And I have one more next week and then we'll focus on our final projects, and actually wrap the class up before the end of the month.

Andrea:  So did you get any kind of a break during the 4th, then? Or just doing school work and all that too?

Michael: No, actually, we went up to Dana, my wife's, parents' house. They've got a house up in the mountains of North Carolina. We went up there last Wednesday and hung out up there for the 4th, and went up to Grandfather Mountain, which is up just outside of Boone, North Carolina. It's-

Andrea: That sounds gorgeous.

Michael: Yeah, it is. It's absolutely gorgeous. So it's kind of up there where the Beech Mountain and Sugar Mountain ski resorts are. And for the 4th ... her mom volunteers there throughout the summer. Actually I think she volunteers there year round. And since she's a volunteer, we get to go up on top of the mountain. You can drive up and they've got what's called the Mile High Bridge up there, which is, I think it's the highest suspended bridge in the world. Don't quote me on that. It's a bridge, it's built from peak to peak exactly a mile in altitude. It's 5200 feet or whatever it is. So for the 4th, we get to go up there. And since she's a volunteer, we get passes where we can go sit up there and cross the bridge, and watch basically all the fireworks in the valley [crosstalk 00:02:54]

Andrea: That's what I was going to ask, is that where you saw the fireworks, just sitting on top of that bridge?

Michael: Yeah. So, we saw quite a few of them. The clouds and fog rolled in pretty bad at night, so it was a little bit limited, but it was still a really cool experience to go see all that. Because a lot of the ones that you see, they explode below where you're at. So you're actually looking down on the fireworks, so [crosstalk 00:03:15] a different perspective. And it's definitely a little bit trippy, but it's cool.

Andrea: I bet. That sounds so cool. Did you get any pictures or anything while you were there with that? That sounds really cool.

Michael: I've got pictures of us up at the bridge, but none in particular of the fireworks or anything. We were kind of focused on beating the weather.

Andrea: Gotcha. So you kind of in Elko mode now.

Michael: Yeah, we'll head up on Friday afternoon and ... Yeah, actually just trying to finish up some stuff before we get to the race weekend. Trying to get some more school in there. I've got some work that's due on Friday, so trying to finish that up before we take off, and then we'll focus on the race when that time comes.

Andrea: First time there, going to win it right out of the gate? That's how it's going to work, right?

Michael: Yeah, I don't know about that. We'll see. I'm anxious to get there and see how ... A 3/8 mile track is pretty common for me, actually, because we used to race a lot of 3/8 mile tracks out in the Canyon West series. So I'm anxious to see how it relates to those tracks and how similar it is, and if it's something I can pick up quickly because I've been on so many of those types of tracks in the past.

Andrea:  Did you get a chance to test there at all, or is this the first time you'll actually be on it?

Michael: Yeah, first time. This'll be it.

Andrea: Oh, wow. Any nerves, or you're just like, "It's another track, I've done this a million times."

Michael: Yeah, no, just another track. Just one that we want to go in and figure out and pick up quickly.

Andrea: Gotcha, gotcha. So what is the plan for the rest of the year, then, after? Because we have Iowa next, so are you looking ahead to that or just focusing one race at a time?

Michael: I mean, a little bit. Iowa's definitely a race that I always look forward to because I really enjoy that track, and had [crosstalk 00:05:10]

Andrea: Right. I thought I heard you mention that, yeah.

Michael: Yeah, I've definitely liked racing there, and then looking at Pocono. I'm excited to get back to Pocono. I hate that we had so many issues there earlier in the year, and that's a place I really enjoy going because I really like the track as well as the area. So I'm hoping we can rebound a little bit there. And then I actually have a ton of coaching that I'm doing throughout August, so that'll ... as soon as Pocono is over, the next two weekends I'm coaching my guys in Trans Am series. Then we go to Springfield and then another Trans Am weekend. So I think I travel the next 11 weeks or something.

Andrea: Because you don't have enough going on.

Michael: Yeah, exactly.

Andrea: That's awesome, though. It sounds like a lot of fun.

Michael: Yeah, it's a lot of travel, but-

Andrea: It sounds like it.

Michael: It's work. It's good work.

Andrea: That's awesome. Well, that's actually a little over five minutes, so I apologize. I'll let you get back to your day.

Michael: All good. Cool. Trying to finish up some discussion boards here.

Andrea: All right. Good luck.

Michael: Thanks. Talk to you soon. Goodbye.

Andrea: Talk to you soon. Bye.