Five With The Five: Work, Fourth of July and Elko Talk With Bret Holmes

Five With The Five: Work, Fourth of July and Elko Talk With Bret Holmes

Bret: Hello.

Andrea: Hey Bret, how's it going?

Bret: Hey, good. How are you?

Andrea: Good. Just getting home and all that fun stuff. How are you?

Bret: I'm good. Just driving back from the job site.

Andrea: Gotcha, working today it sounds like then...

Bret: I work every day. We've got to make enough money to pay for y'alls expensive ass series,, I mean it doesn't pay for itself.

Andrea: Hahah! Fair enough. Fair enough. So you said you had meetings today. Were those work related or race related?

Bret: No, all work related.

Andrea: All work related, gotcha.

Bret: Yeah. I was just with a general contractor about a potential development they're going to do in Oxford, and then another one with architects for a building we're building. That was this afternoon, and just got back from those and going back to the office now.

Andrea: Gotcha. Gotcha. Were you able to do anything over the fourth or were you working then too?

Bret: No, no, yeah, definitely we were off for the fourth, Thursday. Obviously Thursday through Sunday we're off and went to the lake for a couple of days and stayed home for a couple of days. It was just nice to get away from everything and relax

Andrea: Actually have a weekend off.

Bret: Yeah, definitely.

Andrea: Nice. So have you had a chance to really prep for Elko then?

Bret: Yeah, I've watched the last two years races once or twice. That's all I've done so far as getting prepared for them.

Andrea: Gotcha. So, it's not your first time at Elko but you are going with a new crew chief this year. Are you getting different tips from him then you have previously or anything, or is it just kind of going with what you already know.

Bret: Well hasn't been there before so he-

Andrea: So he's relying on you.

Bret: Relying on me a little bit. We were in there that one time in 2017, and finished fourth there, a descent finish. It's going to be new for him a little bit. I don't know, it's such a small race track and such a different race track, not going there last year definitely doesn't help. I'll say I think we'll be just fine, it came to me pretty quick when we first raced there back in 2017. I about had my first poll there, I think Riley, out qualified us, by like .003s of a second.

Andrea: Oh, I didn't know that! Oh man!

Bret: Yeah, that was the closest, I mean that was the closest I've been to a pole yet so.

Andrea: Right. Well I think he's not here this time so it sounds like it's yours.

Bret: Well, I hope so. Gonna try to, as always.

Andrea: Right. So you mentioned, since you have new people on your team this year, it's helped you out a lot. Is it just the way you guys work together that's helped? Or is it just them in particular-what they're bringing?

Bret: Both. It's a lot of both to be honest.

Andrea: Yeah, that's fair.

Bret: Because, I mean, obviously we've been better all around, personalities are a lot a like, and then what they brought to the table in experience, that's priceless. That's how much its helped.

Andrea: Right, right. Going into this race are just thinking about finishing ahead of Michael, or are you thinking I just need to get a win. Where's your mind set?

Bret: Both. I don't know, I was really hoping I'd have a win or two before this point in the year. You know what I mean, I was hoping I'd have a couple already. I mean I think, I don't want to give you the cookie cutter answer and just say well if we go into every race and do the best we can it's going to, it will handle itself. Probably I want wins more than points necessarily right now.-

Andrea: Well you're not too far behind either. So it's not like your starving for points, right?

Bret: Right. Yeah exactly. Taking that into account too, I've ran in this series a long time and we've worked so hard to get to this point and been through a lot. Some really low, low's and some good highs. Definitely would like to see a win come out soon, you know what I mean?

Andrea: Yeah, right. And we're definitely all cheering you on too. And... it's been five-minutes now, so I will let you get back to your night and relax after work.

Bret: These things always feel a lot shorter than, I don't know. I feel like they're a lot shorter-

Andrea: They do don't they.

Bret: Yeah, I don't know.

Andrea: I mean part of me, is like,maybe should it be longer. But the name, the five with the five, just works so well.

Bret: Yeah that's fine. I gotcha.

Andrea: All right, I'll see you at ELKO.

Bret: Okay, thanks. Appreciate it.