Five With The Five: Eldora Has Become Tradition For Travis Braden

Five With The Five: Eldora Has Become Tradition For Travis Braden

2019 has five different drivers competing for the championship, Travis Braden, Michael Self, Bret Holmes, Joe Graf Jr., and Christian Eckes. Come follow each of their journeys this season with our “Five With The Five” where each week we set the timer for five minuets  and sit down with them to find out what’s been going on both in and out of the race car. 

     Next up, Travis Braden!  

Travis: Hello!

Andrea: Hey, how's it going?

Travis: It's going.

Andrea: Yeah? Busy?

Travis: It's been pretty busy but still actually been the least busy but the mood is you get to relax slightly.

Andrea: That's good, I'm glad you're getting a little bit of a break at least. I know it doesn't happen often.

Travis: Yeah, I guess I wouldn't even call it a break so much it's like you don't have to work Saturday and Sunday if you don't want to and you don't have to work more than 10 or 12 hour days if you don't want to. And that's nice.

Andrea: That's good. So I heard you're on your way to Eldora watching the truck race?

Travis: Yeah, I'm almost there right now and gonna watch the truck races tonight. It's been a little bit of a tradition of mine.

Andrea: Is it really?

Travis: Yeah cause I mean it's kind of the area that I've raced in a lot. It's not too far away and it's a lot of fun so I'm going to go and Jess is going to come up from Columbus and we are going to watch and hang out and enjoy the mud mass we are going to get tonight probably.

Andrea: Exactly! Who are you rooting for?

Travis: You know, of course you've got like the ARCA guys, and you've got some kid like Carson who like most are making their first NASCAR start. So he's cool. I mean in all reality in the way this race plays out, usually is you don't really know 100% until you get started in the race whose gonna run up front and whose not. And usually there's somebody running up front that's got you know a story behind it. Whoever that person is that's who you know is big it seems like for me. It's almost like you don't want to see one of the big guys win, you know?

Andrea: No, no. Especially on dirt. 

Travis: Dirt. Yeah, you want to see a regular dirt driver that you've never heard of.

Andrea: Exactly. I feel like tat's like part of the appeal. Even last year you know, no one really expected Christian to win the Springfield and someone like Logan Seavy comes out to race with us and wins DuQuoin. seems like.

Travis: Yeah.

Andrea: Are you excited to go back on dirt with us? I know some people love it, some people hate driving on dirt. 

Travis: Yeah, you know what, last year was my first time on dirt obviously and I did pretty good.

Andrea: Yeah, you got top five.

Travis: Yeah and we should have won it but we got wrecked by Chase Purdy but we got top five in Springfield and you know honestly if you ask me what means most to me like if you ask Jess, I've been talking about going to the dirt races since Daytona.

Andrea: Oh, really?

Travis: Yeah, like I'm pumped. I feel like we could use this as a great opportunity to run upfront and maybe win one. Hopefully win at least one, maybe two. And it's just a fun event. A one day show and you've got the fair and all the people enjoying it. That time of the year is always really enjoyable and then I'm really excited about the DuQuoin race being at night.With all the lights reflecting on the cars and I think it will change the surface a little bit obviously.

Andrea: Definitely.

Travis: It'll be cool.

Andrea: Yeah, so what are the plans for this two week break? Obviously Eldora tonight and working, anything else outside of that? I know you’re racing your late model. Right?

Travis: Yeah, not a whole lot other than racing stuff. Next week, there's a Wednesday night show at Kalamazoo Speedway. The Kalamazoo Klash, a pretty historical event that added template cars a few years ago. I was fortunate enough to run really good in that over the past couple of years and we won two years ago, or last year and so we're going to do that and then possibly another one if we can get a chance in between now and Springfield and then we're just working away, we're trying to get our car, our mile and a half car ready for Kansas already. Make some changes to it.

Travis: Our short track car that we raced at Elko last, it needs some body work and we're going to make some changes. All of that stuff, you know?

Andrea: Yup, got ya. Well it sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy.

Travis: Oh yeah.

Andrea: All right, well that's been five minutes so I'll let you get back to your drive. Enjoy the race tonight, I'm jealous you get to be there.

Travis: Yeah, enjoy your night. See ya.

Darin A.

That was a fun interview. I would love to see Braden try out dirt racing next besides super late models and the ARCA Menards Series. :)

Andrea V

Me too! :) 


He does real good in a super late model so he doesn't really need to give it up but...I wouldn't mind seeing  him try out dirt racing... Bubba Pollard is doing it and he has success in a super late model as well... why not do  little of both plus ARCA Series races.