ARCA Driver and Owner Points Revision After Statistical Audit Following Event at LOR

ARCA Driver and Owner Points Revision After Statistical Audit Following Event at LOR

A statistical audit of the ARCA Menards Series championship point standings has resulted in a five-point adjustment to the driver points for series championship leader Christian Eckes and car owner points for team owner Bill Venturini as well as thirteenth-place driver Ty Gibbs and car owner Coy Gibbs.

Eckes' point total was lowered by five points while Gibbs total was increased by five.

The audit, which series officials routinely do at the midway point of the season and again prior to the final race of the season, found Eckes was inadvertently credited with five bonus points for leading laps at Iowa Speedway and Gibbs was not. Eckes did not lead laps at Iowa, while Gibbs led ten laps.

The change now results in Eckes' points adjusted from 4560 points to 4555 points, reducing the 20 point lead to 15 points over Michael Self heading into the series finale at Kansas Speedway on Friday, October 18.

Chad B.

Thanks Alex I realize they do this twice a year. My point is how can a national series not keep track of 19 cars during a national televised event? How difficult is it to do a scoring audit after each race before making it official? Local short tracks across the country seem to have a better grasp on 19 or more cars every Friday or Saturday night. 


How does a team lead 10 laps and not realize they didn’t get points for leading the laps after the race...


The more you think about it the more ridiculous it sounds!

David Fuller

Because ARCA.

Charles Krall

We obviously do an audit after every race. But it's also important that we check and double check what we have. Re-checking your work happens in almost every industry known to humankind. Obviously, it's not the optimal outcome to find an error, but the reason we do this is to ensure, once and for all, there aren't any errors AFTER the season is over. 

Timothy E.

Mistakes happen.

Chad B.

It took two and a half months to figure out accurate points from Iowa?? 

Alex J. Clubb

It says right in the article they audit at half way and again before the final race...