The only issue I have with the schedule is that the Milwaukee Mile is not on it. The Milwaukee Mile has more history than all of the other tracks on the schedule and the ARCA Menards Series is the closet to the former USAC Stock Car Series that ran there 4 times a year for many years. They had a very successful ARCA Midwest Tour race there last Fathers Day with a reported 8500 people on a very cold and gloomy looking day. I don’t see why a doubleheader race with the USAC SC Series is not on the schedule. Ron Drager can I get some reason for this?

Chad B.

 I like the change in schedule. I will miss Toledo and Nashville though. Hopefully the K@N race at Toledo will be 200 laps. Anything less will be disappointing and probably a sparse crowd. Would have been okay with dropping Elko and keeping Toledo or Nashville but maybe they will be back!

checkers or wreckers

finally az arca for west coaster's!


I like the August date at Madison International, instead of June.

Arca F.

What impact will this have on the local fans considering this is the same weekend as Road America? Are these tracks close enough together to allow fans to attend both events that weekend? It seems like a significant scheduling mistake to have an ARCA and Xfinity race the same weekend in the same area if the local fans can't attend both races.


No Toledo or Berlin race?


Timothy E.

I think Toledo is gonna be on the arca east schedule (used to be k&n east.)