David K.

This sight needs some work.

dewayne j.

Ist time I have ever been tied for the lead. Let me enjoy for a while! 


There has to be some sort of glitch or delay way we're ALL tied for first. My picks we're all in the top fifteen until calamity took out three of them and sent them to mid pack where they finished in the 20's. my other two finished in the top ten.....let's go ARCA....what's going on here??? Where are the REAL fantasy rankings???

Jeff Brehmer

There is a problem with the results due to the over-time laps of the race.  We are working on correcting this problem and will post an update when completed.  Thank you for your understanding.  ARCA


Thanks for the update Jeff.....way to stay on top of things....GO ARCA, GO DECKER!

Nicholas C.

I think the fantasy picks are messed up only showing five points for everybody that pic Toyota for that bonus win

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