Scotty R

Good luck Shane Lee.

Randy G

I will be there with the #48 team. Go Hylton Motorsports!!!


fantasy game?


Stay home then Roush. How many late models around the country have engines that match the body on the car? Most people in the stands at ARCA races don't give a what engines are under the hood. They come to see a good race. I think the racing, be it 10 or 15 cars, has been pretty good.  Good luck to yah, buy a comfortable couch! 

Scott R.

Wish I could go.Long roadtrip from And the racing has been good.



Come on, ARCA, I am not driving for 3.5 hours to get to Salem to watch 16 cars run! Let's get rid of this ARCA/Ilmor/Chevy 396 and go back to Ford running Ford engines, Chevy's running Chevy engines, Dodges running Dodge engines and the Toys running Toy engines. Of course, make the engines all comparable, not letting the preferred ARCA/Ilmor/Chevy produce a hell of a lot more power that any, given, "legacy" engine. Praytor's put on a good show with a 2nd generation NARCAR engine (used Roush-Yates D-3, maybe?). Why can't this work with the other manufactures 2nd generation NASCAR engines? I know the Toyota's don't have a 2nd gen. NASCAR engine. Just give them a slight de-tune with the ignition box, like you do with the legacy engines, currently (yes, I know the "legacy's" are running more than a slight de-tune!.)  That has got to be cheaper than running those $30,000 Ilmor/Chevy's. They are still blowing up, aren't they?.

Who wants to see a Ford, Chevy, & Toyota running around with an ARCA/Ilmor/Chevy? 

This long-time ARCA-fan sure doesn't!

I am just about done with both NASCAR & ARCA, once the ARCA/Ilmor/Chevy is the ONLY engine allowed.

robert staley

Having the race on live TV might have helped to attract more entries ( possibly on Sunday to avoid conflict with Cup at Richmond). I hope ARCA rethinks its position on TV coverage for next year. 

robert staley

Hearing they'll get to 22 by the time the entry list is updated. If I lived closer to Salem, I would definitely go.