kdev n.

Great race! My first ARCA event. Go #28!

Janice D.

Anyone has the video for Thad's race My son was part of his pitcrew

Dave M.

It appears that since the Mother Ship has purchased ARCA that NASCAR's bad habits have slipped down the hall to ARCA.  The 'old' ARCA had PRINTABLE starting lineups but now we just get unprintable ones unless, of course, we want to waste about five pages.  And with Jayski gone it will be a VERY long season as nascar.com does NOT talk to NASCAR Statistics.  Jayski clearly did talk to them with the result that we, THE FANS, were able to print things out. Sad, considering it is 2019!!!


They changed this site near the end of last year.  It's now completely unusable for anyone looking for readable (much less printable) data.

The person who does the results at least used to post them also to (I think) autoweek.com in 2018 -- in a format that was actually readable!  But I don't see anything useful at that site for this race yet either.


philip  f.

Where are the qualifying results

Cecil H.

Go to menue and hit schedules/ results. Next page hit results

M. Blasingim

What channel is the race today on?

Ryan Musialowski

The race will be on FS1 at 4:30 this afternoon.

Donna F.