Jeffrey  f.

It's only showing 18 cars for starting lineup ? Did the 68 Will Kimmel not show he was posted as a late entry?

Brad B.

Looks like an 11 car race.


Benjamin S.

If Vizion did not go bankrupt and entered the #35 of Brendan Queen and the #36 for another driver, we would have 22 cars, the minimum this track has had, until this year.


Good news is we own Vizion    We are not bankrupt.   We will be in Talladega.   We also ran Irwindale with our Kn car 2 weeks ago.  

Colby Evans. #48

Father Basham Is Back, Now We Have 20 Cars

Lou M.

If you are looking for the Salem Scanner Frequencies please go to and click on Series then scroll down to ARCA Menards Series for the list.  You many copy and paste it to Word and then print off a copy.  Or simply pull out your smart phone and take a picture of the list.  Probably will not be any lists available at the track.  Any questions just email me at