Jim  B.

Thad will not be racing at MIS this week.

Brandon V.

I keep trying to find where it says hes not racing? Where are people seeing this?

Jim  B.

Brandon V.   I spoke with person at the shop.   Hoping he will make Gateway.

Brandon V.

Thats to bad, with an already short field that hurts to lose a quality car. Ill still be at the race regardless.


Why not?

Jim  B.

JB#21Fan,   Thad injured his hand in a boating mishap.  Better to let it heal since he isn't running a full schedule.


Rich J.

RichJ from Sharon, PA      As President(?) Trump said "Make America Great Again"  NA$CAR and ARCA are being driven into the ground by VERY POOR LEADERSHIP!!!   MONEY$$$  talks,EVERYTHING ELSE  WALKS!!!  Only 17 cars...why have a race, or should I say auto-chase!!!




Seems like ever since they made that composite body change a few years back the field started to shrink over time.These hard hitting cost changes the little teams just couldn't absorb.Venturini Motorsports makes up almost a 1/4 of the field now because they have the $$$.



The PitLane R.

mark63 Composite Bodies are Cheaper then Steel Bodies

Timothy E.

The big thing is around 2008-2012 the cup teams were getting rid of their steel cars and selling them at low prices. That really helped the car count 




Only 17 cars for Michigan,  46 car withdrew I heard. 7 cars at the K & N race at Thompson, it was cancelled. We should have huge car count at Madison and Elko!

Brian R.

Maybe the ownership change and all of the other changes will pay off over time. But right now, the ARCA field looks kind of like the grandstands at the spring race in Bristol...pretty damn sparse. 


Joe S.

There were 12 cars entered for the K&N Race at Thompson. It was cancelled because they had no title sponsor for the race, and with 12 cars it was literally pointless to run.


Wonder if Dave Mader III will be entered? He had a good run going here last year