paul  d.

Would like to see ARCA go back to steel bodies and old engine package. Then maybe they could draw more  cars and get some of the old teams back.

Michael Peterson

The old motors ( Chevy SB2, Ford D3, Dodge P5R6, there is no approved Toyota) are not being, cast by manufacturers and made/machined by the NASCAR teams, Therefore, old inventory is about gone. The cost to restart that process would not be supported by the manufacturers. The current NASCAR Generation (spread bore cylinders) Manufacturer's are only built/maintained by being leased from Cup team. These motor would need rebuild/freshened up after every 2 races. This would be over a half million dollars for 20 ARCA races. That is why ARCA banned the spread bore motors. 

The ARCA approved nose and tail pieces are no longer produced because of lack of demand when NASCAR quit allowing them. The current Cup noise hood and tail are controlled by the manufacturer and sub-supplier. Most Cup team want to go to the plastic bodies for bouncing off walls without cutting tires. Cup Team would invest in ways of modifying the plastic bodies to gain aero advantage.

The under funded ARCA teams still run the old motors and steel bodies because they cost a small fraction to maintain and we already have the inventory. The ARCA Rules give the Illmor motors and the 5star bodies a competitive advantage. We just cant afford them at this time without a major sponsor.


Were 1/2 way through the season and we have a nice 5 way battle for the championship.  Anyone of the top 5 in points now has a good chance.  This current ARCA points system works just fine. DON'T CHANGE IT NASCAR!!!!  We don't need a CHASE Format!!! The champion should be the driver/team who had the best overall season not the team that didn't make a mistake on the last pit stop of the final race of the season. If a driver clinches before the final race or it comes down to only 2 drivers so be it.  If you do like NASCAR and have 4 you might as well just flip a coin. :(

Timothy E.

I’m gonna have to watch this race on the road in Virginia but I can’t wait!

Larry  B.

Looking forward to seeing my favorite Race car Driver Racing Thursday night at Chicagoland Speedway on FS1. The Thad Crew is supporting you 100% Go Thad Go!! 46 


And a Friday night race would be a better deal for the race teams and for the fans that might attend. People have to work on Friday. A Thursday night race is a bad idea. 

Zachary R.

Have truck race Friday xfinity Saturday and cup Sunday