Forthe W.

Anyone know what is going on with #10?


Jack Bowsher 21 fan...........With the small fields and small crowds, ARCA/NASCAR cannot be paying very big purses, could they? Maybe Kenny doesn't dig paying the big $$$$$ for a ARCA/Ilmor/Chevy/General Tires and the plastic run for not much money. I doubt those purses even cover the jet fuel for his Beech King Air, to get to the track?

Sam C.

RYF, you gotta get over it, man


I wouldn't want to travel so far for a 60 lap race. They should make the Spring race 60 laps longer instead which opens up a date for a new short track.

Benjamin S.

Or maybe the addition of a road course. ARCA needs to return to a road course.

Werner F.

No 4, 12, or 55. Not good. Still 2 cars better than June's field. Can't wait for the merger next year.


Don't forget the #5 of Bobby Gerhart to.


What ever happened with Kenny Schrader? I can't believe he couldn't find sponsorship for him to compete in the upcoming dirt races.  He was all for the Ilmor engine and composite bodies to save teams costs.

Werner F.

True. How could I forget Gerhart. So 4 cars that should be entered. 24 cars not a great arca field but would be a lot better than the 18 cars from june