Dee I.

So what does that do to the points???

tex w.

I always do it the second I get the email . Doesn't matter, I'm never going to win one of these cool guitars. If the drivers would stay the same from week to week it might be a little easier to make good picks. They are always bringing in ringers that you never heard of before. like who is driving the 55 this week? I know its racing but I cant find out who the driver is and if I did I wouldn't know anything about him. but the 55 is a top 5 capable car.

Roger W.

Opens three to four days before race and closes twenty-four hours before race time.   :-(


Lee R.

This isn;t the first time I have tried to make my selections and get the message that selections are closed. This happens if you are a night owl like me, and make your selections late. Wait until the site comes back up in the morning and you should be able to make your selections. 


not open yet , usually 3-4 days before race,


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